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  1. GeoffD

    garage sale

    hello joev, the mirror thing is quite common I think I have two options, a part set of electric mirrors (you will need to find switches) or I have the internals from a pair of mirrors to fix yours, bad news on the colour though we had a fantasia green lupo so all of our bits are green. sorry, no mud flaps , but I'm sure I had some checkered rear head rests some where from an audi tt. if you're interested pm me and i'll send you my details geoff
  2. have a look at my other post (garage sale )there's literally loads of stuff, some of it is new, but we broke a lupo so most things are available, the more you take the cheaper it gets. coffee is free though.. geoff
  3. seriously people? I am not after a fortune for the stuff I've collected I mainly am trying to help folks out. I'd rather give stuff away than skip it, but that is what will happen if you people out there don.t want it. this is the only place that my little hoard is advertised as I hate ebay with a passion. so folks it's up to you....geoff
  4. GeoffD

    garage sale

    hi, grazza, as you might have gathered I don't look at my posts every day and I'm not very good on technology either so consequently don't do photo;s. (I haven't even got a mobile phone) I am however honest, so if I know that something isn't ok I will tell you. I have always worked on a haqgle basis so it's a case of you come you look and you take away, if you like it of course. I'd rather all this stuff (some of which is quite difficult to get hold of now) just went to a good home, price is not that important to me, but obviously some bits will command better prices. if there's anything specific you want then pm me by all means. I don't have any gti parts left though. some time this year (I'm off my feet right now) I will get round to clearing out all my stuff and it will be a shame for these bits to just hit the skip, so basically good home is more important than becoming a millionaire. if you want to chat about these bits then pm me and i'll give you my phone number. if you want to pay me a visit then you'd need to give me at least a week to get these bits out cos you're not exactly local I wouldn't want to waste your time. always a cuppa involved though, geoff
  5. GeoffD

    garage sale

    well, lets put it this way, when my daughter bought a lupo I got loads of spares where I could and made her lupo into what she wanted. I've got a pair of doors, a bonnet, front crash pad, front lights, a pair of mirrors and loads of other parts. I have new handbrake cables and the front indicator panel and clips. there's buckets of bits as I completely rebuilt our car just come and make me an offer. the panels will need work but not much this is why I want people to come and see because some bits aren't 100% but I'd leave it up to you to judge. prices are very reasonable and I usually provide coffee geoff
  6. my apologies if I've done this wrong, I know this isn't the right way to sell things but I'm having a garage chuckout. if there's anyone in the north east who wants my stock of lupo parts then please message me. I will courier parts to you, but not panels. I would prefer people to call in person, it saves me posting stuff and you can see exactly what you're getting. thanks ,geoff
  7. hello mate, camber shims might sort out your rear issues. the front camber should sort out with those bolts that I showed you (the two bottom bolts on then shocker ) you may have a problem with your 17's if you start putting your camber right. did the bloke who did your checks not know how to adjust your setup or could he just not get the adjustment ? I can't see how adjustable top mounts will work with the lupo setup cos they need to be bolted in at the wing mounting. adjustable bottom arms are available, which is probably your best option.i wonder if your beam has been subject to an impact, it is the usual cause of readings like that. without any knowledge of the car it came out it is difficult to say. there are unscrupulous people out there who will sell you a bent beam. however I'm not chucking out any accusations so I don't upset anyone (but it has to be considered) geoff
  8. GeoffD

    selling cars

    Yeah I think he does, no it's not that Oscar, My daughter most definitely wasn't a fan of the rattle can combo of colours so our Oscar is all one colour. Geoff
  9. GeoffD

    selling cars

    no, mate its fantasia green with a couple of good coats of lacquer, flatted and polished to make it nice and shiny. the car didn't even need painting but I machine polished it and unfortunately the person who had it before us obviously had a machine polisher too, and guess who went through to the primer !! fortunately my mate's a good painter. geoff
  10. Make: Volkswagen Model: Lupo MOT: 16/07/15 Engine size: 1.7l Fuel type: Diesel Description including modifications: This car was bought for my daughter, completely stripped and rebuilt after being resprayed. As you would expect this car has been maintained to an excellent standard as I would want only the best for my daughter, general parts replaced due to expected wear and tear. Modifications include: - GTI spoiler - 1.4 sport disc brake axle - Full set of hel stainless brake lines (in Kawasaki Green no less!) - New brakes throughout - New suspension - Loads of polybushing - Black interior - Stealth shelf - Custom part stainless exhaust with twin tailpipes - Cat removed - EGR blanked - Trumpets removed - 14" alloy wheels, 16" set available - Creaky door straps fixed - High quality Sony head unit with alpine bass speakers in doors, including sub and amp. - JBL 6x9 s in stealth shelf - New genuine headlights and indicators - SMD LED sidelights in Cool blue/white - OEM Central Locking System - OEM Electric Windows - MOT till July 2015 As reluctant as we are to sell it, new car and high insurance forces sale! Ideal as a cheap run around, only downside is the tax is expensive due to it being pre-2002, that's the only downside to the car. The condition of the paintwork is good due to it being resprayed about two years ago, very shiny little car! The mileage is 159, 704, this may seem high but these engines have been known to last a lot longer! It is a very smooth car to drive, in no way does it reflect it's age or mileage! Location: Blackhall Colliery, Hartlepool, North East England. Images: *Some pictures have my daughters private plate on, the newer ones were taken more recently after the plates had been swapped to her new car* Price: £850.
  11. GeoffD

    selling cars

    I agree with you Dblock, my daughter has dropped the price to £850, due to the fact that the car itself is in good condition despite its age and mileage, we all know those engines last forever but she seems to be having difficulties appealing to the autotrader know it alls! I wouldn't care it was because of a high mileage job(which she no longer has) that she racked up the miles and then bought a new car, otherwise we wouldn't have this problem! She wants to keep it and do it up as a show car, but being only 20 years old she can't afford it, so sadly it's bye bye to Oscar! Geoff.
  12. GeoffD

    selling cars

    yes, the engines been serviced to death, other than that the car is new. I think that the 1.7 diesel is the best one, it's the simplest and you can run it on chip fat if you want!! this was my daughter's car and my reputation (yes I do have one!) wouldn't allow me to let her run around in something that wasn't right. oh well, there's a bloke been on the phone today, lets see if he's just going to waste my time (again) geoff
  13. GeoffD

    selling cars

    what do you have to do to sell a mint (literally) lupo? my daughter has a sdi lupo which has 159,702 miles on it. other than that it's brand new. I've had it on the site, on auto trader and apart from a few tyre kickers I've had no serious interest. we've even dropped the price to £950. this car needs nothing doing to it. am I advertising it in a foreign language or something? geoff
  14. personally, I've never fitted one of these, but it looks okay for the money. I've got a detachable towbar on my golf and it's great. obviously you will need to be aware of your legal towing weight, but if it's only a bike you should have no problems. never had any problems either with play, although mine is a different design to yours. go for it! geoff
  15. does the company who you bought the exhaust off not do a manifold to fit? if not try taking it to an exhaust fitting shop (not quickfat). I don't know how good you are with a welder, but if you're asking the question I would assume that you don't go there ! geoff
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