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  1. do you get any codes for blanking off the egr?
  2. its a crap song and a crap fad thats been lapped up all over the globe, i enjoyed this one though http://youtu.be/rgg1WUJhUc4
  3. haha you cant be that old surely. im on about dinosaur aged people. id only be unhappy cos i didnt have the lowered loop, i aint ageist, old people are a real credit to out society
  4. its only stopping my car look like everyone elses essentially but im tired of seeing stocks rolling about being driven by old ladies, then when i do see a modded one i feel ashammed that mine doesnt look as awesome and it makes me sad
  5. thats the plan man, only got a few months to suck it up, atleast the car will look remotely better with the alloys, and at 40 pounds extra to declare i dont see why people dont do it. now to get some rubber
  6. 21, im gunna put the alloys on deal with the arch gap and get a new insurer in august when its time to renew, ive sent zurich and email cos the guy at endsleigh said theres nothing he can do, dont expect much other than a copy and pasted section of their policy shite that probs wouldn't be too relevent.
  7. will let me declare alloys all hunky dory but wont allow coilovers on the grounds of it affecting performance. this is with endsleigh who are get there insurance through zurich. that sucks.
  8. you had your rears trimmed to match or cut down the recaro ones? the car looks fantastic i must say in all of its changes, shame people keep driving in to it, i would've probably given up the first time
  9. if the cars down as having steelies and they see its got alloys, standerd vdub ones or not they'll see it as a reason to not pay out in the event of you having an accident. saw summert on the news a while back about a bloke who bought a 3 series that had angel eyes but the insurer had it down not having them so when he went to claim they refused and it wasnt even his fault as he bought it like that. insurers want to be fannies so its best just not giving them reason too be
  10. these little feckers, dont got a grinder but ive managed to do one with the solderer. only feel slightly dizzy
  11. cant speak for loops but on the arosa theres 2 screws hiding behind the bit on the bumper where your fogs would be. thats if you fortunate enough to have them
  12. should i be like sticking the iron down the hole if you get me then pulling? i was trying to sort of rub the plastic off so kinda made a pigs of it, the plan was to pull it apart but by the time i put the iron down safely the plastic had bloody set. cheers for getting back to me pete
  13. im currently pulling apart a set of door cards to mix and match some black trim to go with my light grey interior that seat threw into my car. im wanting the black netting and speaker grills off the lowers and door handle of the uppers. the lower cards are all plastic welded together so ive been attempting to slice through them with a crafting knife but havent managed to do half the welds on one set before sticking the blade deep into my finger. so then i tried to melt the welds off with a soldering iron but have just managed to melt the pieces together stronger. does anyone have any ingenious suggestions on how i can do this as ive got 4 lowers to do and at this rate i'll have it done next year at the expense of some of my fingers. all i can find online is how plastic welds are done but nothing as to how they can be undone. im guessing the door handles are slightly easier as people have them up for grabs some times but any light on that would be much appreciated too
  14. how low is that sitting ministig
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