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  1. going to sell the mini in the new year and move back to vw's I see yours is as clean as ever!
  2. just thought i'd drop in as I miss the lupo a hell of a lot and regret the mini massively
  3. Nice! Hopefully see you at stonor park again dude
  4. I'll update when possible but will pretty much just be cleaning and show pics. Will definitely be at German car show
  5. So this is the new car, has everything apart from sat nav and heated seats. This is staying completely standard, I feel it's more than good enough as it is. Jacob
  6. So she gets collected this week! Collect my new car Wednesday , a cooper s
  7. I didn't disconnect battery when I removed original wheel
  8. Basically I've plugged resistor in to clockspring where airbag would have plugged in and when I turn ignition on it goes out and re-appears a few money's later. Any ideas why this is?
  9. Cars provisionally sold and due to be collected first weekend of jan time for some supercharged goodness
  10. Ordered clutch and service bits ready to crack on with next week. Just need to get an mot slot now and jobs a gooden
  11. PRICE DROP! Want a quick sale as I've seen car I really want a cant afford to miss out on in my opinion £2000 takes it or £1800 without clutch being replaced. Clutch has a couple of thousand miles left but I'm picky and like things done properly lol
  12. Well there's same age and more mileage 1litres going for 2200/2300 on autotrader so it's a fair price. I'm prepared to drop a little bit but I think it's a fair price so will leave it as it is for time being
  13. wheels for sale at £400 14x8 et 15, 165/55/14 nankangs, could do with a lick of paint
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