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  1. weslangdon

    I joined a new club yesterday...

    My Lupo Sport TDI has over 170k on the clock and its still very nice to drive, but if I do any distances I'll use my Merc 300E, which is twice as thirsty but more than twice as comfortable
  2. a newer version of mine, bring on the pictures, Ncle/Tyne?
  3. weslangdon

    Lupo 1.4 16v 100bhp

    low mileage
  4. weslangdon

    Lupo / Arosa Pop Out Rear Windows & Seals

    I fitted one on the drivers side of my Arosa, a very messy job, so much so I didn't bother doing the passenger side
  5. weslangdon

    1.4S Lupo for SALE

    Correct, I was born with more brains than you'll ever have😎
  6. weslangdon

    Aluline Turbine Alloy Wheels

    I like them, I could give you a set of 14" Arosa alloys in part ex
  7. weslangdon

    1.4S Lupo for SALE

    I kept my 16v Scirocco for over 15 years, it was a factory car converted to RHD, I wish I'd kept it
  8. weslangdon

    Vw Lupo 1.4 16v 75bhp performance gains

    you will need to factor in the cost of uprating the brakes too, as the 100 bhp car has rear discs and bigger front discs
  9. weslangdon

    1.0 arosa

    Don't go overboard with the mods, you will never get the money back, better to save it for your next car, drive safe!
  10. weslangdon

    Wow rear wishbone bushes

    Lupo's don't have rear wishbones?
  11. weslangdon

    NEW BOOT CATCH? Boot Central Locking/catch problem

    they do get sticky so liberally apply wd40 or similar while it's uncovered, the lock too
  12. weslangdon

    HELP! SDI power steering pipes burst.

    yes they won't fit
  13. weslangdon

    HELP! SDI power steering pipes burst.

    Doesn't always work though, I tried replacing a section of a TDI's pipework with Pirtek's rubber hose but it blew off twice, so I ended up trawling ebay for a good 2nd hand one. No choice as they aren't made any more
  14. Assuming its power steering, check the fluid levels are correct, waxoyl the power steering pipework regularly, not much to go wrong really as the most common issue is a split pipe
  15. weslangdon


    A bit too flash for my taste, sometimes less is more
  16. weslangdon

    RARE RARE RARE !!!!!

    we need a few more pictures
  17. weslangdon

    RARE RARE RARE !!!!!

    it looks high spec, with sunroof and front fogs, but larger front and rear discs would be the proof, and a 7k rev limit on the clock, it's a good looking car
  18. weslangdon

    RARE RARE RARE !!!!!

  19. weslangdon


    Why are the tyres so narrow?
  20. weslangdon

    EPC Light

    you might be able to jiggle it about to get a better connection, doesn't always work though
  21. weslangdon

    bit of a dilema

    Check which model you have as there were 2, 1.4 16v cars, the Sport with 100bhp which has larger front discs 256 mm and rear discs, whereas the cooking model with 75 bhp has 239 mm discs at the front only. It's quite Easy to confuse them as the higher powered model doesn't feel that quick
  22. weslangdon

    Lupo 1 litre

    My daughters 1 litre has just failed its MOT on emissions, she's had it a year but its only ever been used for short journeys, to and from work, 5 miles morning and evening, the testers said the readings were erratic, nearly there but then wandering off. I plan an engine service, air filters, oil change and that old standby a large dose of cat cleaner. The car is too good to be written off interior and body [black] are both very good, mileage is quite high for a 2002 car at 129k but it has been looked after, is anything else I should be looking at? As the value of the car is low I don't want to spend much on getting it fixed.
  23. weslangdon

    Lupo 1 litre

    The cat cleaner did the trick, CO and hydrocarbons back to normal, leaks in the pipework bodged for now, 12 month ticket issued. Anyone want it?
  24. weslangdon

    HELP! SDI power steering pipes burst.

    I tried this on my Lupo TDI, whether it will work depends on where the replacement section is inserted, mine had split nearer to the connection and kept blowing off. I was lucky to get an as new replacement from a breakers yard as they aren't in stock anymore
  25. Buy the cage get a car thrown in

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