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  1. weslangdon

    Lupo GTI 1.8T - Forged engine, 290bhp

    No, they were all over by 1996
  2. weslangdon

    Lupo GTI 1.8T - Forged engine, 290bhp

  3. weslangdon

    Lupo GTI 1.8T - Forged engine, 290bhp

    the one in the G-wagen is I think a 5 cylinder unit but essentially just the same or 5/6ths the same
  4. A left hand drive Mk1 Golf GTI was always a much better car than the RHD version because the brakes worked properly, there may be similar things re the Lupo as conversions always involve compromise to a design
  5. weslangdon

    Lupo GTI 1.8T - Forged engine, 290bhp

    both are decent engines, very smooth for diesels but the 606 non turbo is a double overhead cam 24v gem
  6. weslangdon

    Lupo GTI 1.8T - Forged engine, 290bhp

    Which engine is it, there are 3, three litre diesels 603, 606 and the 606a, the latter being a turbo charged unit and very tunable
  7. weslangdon

    Lupo GTI 1.8T - Forged engine, 290bhp

    Not at all just 1350 kg and 140 mph, the saloon being a fraction quicker than the coupe, mine is on 120k and has a fsh but I expect cylinder head gasket trouble at circa 150k, rusty wings is another common problem with them but easily replaced
  8. weslangdon

    Inner CV Joint Advice

    Is that a single wiper conversion?
  9. weslangdon

    1.4 TDi losing power

    I like the colour
  10. weslangdon

    Help Me!

    I've got some side strakes in that colour for supermarket trolley bumps
  11. weslangdon

    Lupo GTI 1.8T - Forged engine, 290bhp

    correct, de-cat and the final silencer removed, but still very slow compared to a w124 with the same engine
  12. weslangdon

    Lupo GTI 1.8T - Forged engine, 290bhp

    I have one at the moment and have had two others in the past, I have a 3 litre petrol manual, permanent four wheel drive that gives me week in week out 19/20 mpg, which for a 2.25 ton beast isn't too bad and is proportionate to what I could get from a 1.4 litre Lupo given the Lupo's sub 1 ton weight
  13. weslangdon

    Lupo GTI 1.8T - Forged engine, 290bhp

    You should be able to buy a w460 [part time 4x4]for under £5k, [3 engines were available and 3 body styles, the only one which should breach the £5k figure are the short wheelbase soft tops] they are almost certain to need major metal work repairs to the rear corners and door, but all the panels are available; what's more difficult to fix is a tatty interior. There are a variety of experts who claim to be able to convert these to either 5 cylinder or 6 cylinder turbo diesel spec, not all though are genuine experts. A decade ago the fashion was to fit large V8 to your old w460 and on occasion to the newer w463 [permanent 4x4]. High powered engines make no sense though as the trucks can't corner and are always thirsty however economical you might think they are.
  14. weslangdon

    Lupo GTI 1.8T - Forged engine, 290bhp

    There are quite a few people converting older w460 g-wagens as you say from thirsty ge280 spec to diesel, using either the 606a or the 5 cylinder above, it looks a very tidy conversion. I've had 3 G-wagens and made the mistake of turning to lpg for a ge280, it was a disaster, I'm not sure of the future for diesel though, I think Government and public are starting to see them as a serious pollution issue.
  15. weslangdon

    Lupo GTI 1.8T - Forged engine, 290bhp

    Nice conversion, no airbag, and real springs and brakes? This might sound a little churlish but do converted cars ever achieve the cost of putting them together?
  16. weslangdon

    I joined a new club yesterday...

    My Lupo Sport TDI has over 170k on the clock and its still very nice to drive, but if I do any distances I'll use my Merc 300E, which is twice as thirsty but more than twice as comfortable
  17. a newer version of mine, bring on the pictures, Ncle/Tyne?
  18. weslangdon

    Lupo 1.4 16v 100bhp

    low mileage
  19. weslangdon

    Lupo / Arosa Pop Out Rear Windows & Seals

    I fitted one on the drivers side of my Arosa, a very messy job, so much so I didn't bother doing the passenger side
  20. weslangdon

    1.4S Lupo for SALE

    Correct, I was born with more brains than you'll ever have😎
  21. weslangdon

    Aluline Turbine Alloy Wheels

    I like them, I could give you a set of 14" Arosa alloys in part ex
  22. weslangdon

    1.4S Lupo for SALE

    I kept my 16v Scirocco for over 15 years, it was a factory car converted to RHD, I wish I'd kept it
  23. weslangdon

    Vw Lupo 1.4 16v 75bhp performance gains

    you will need to factor in the cost of uprating the brakes too, as the 100 bhp car has rear discs and bigger front discs
  24. weslangdon

    1.0 arosa

    Don't go overboard with the mods, you will never get the money back, better to save it for your next car, drive safe!
  25. weslangdon

    Wow rear wishbone bushes

    Lupo's don't have rear wishbones?

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