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  1. non starter, Arosa TDI

    faulty relay at fault, with 109 code on the top
  2. non starter, Arosa TDI

    Battery is a only a couple of years old and hasn't seemed at fault glow plug lights go out but flash when I'm cranking the engine but car won't start. Attached jump leads from another car and it started immediately, ran car for 20 minutes, parked it, tried starting it 4 hours later, no joy, assume battery is at fault?
  3. non starter, Arosa TDI

    no faults showing and whilst it will run its only briefly, cuts out after a few seconds, next step is to check the in tank fuel pump
  4. Arosa boot spoiler

    a couple of picks of the boot spoiler on one our Arosa TDi's, these are very rare and quite different to the ones for the Lupo so worth a look
  5. what would you replace? (lupo GTi)

    For the last week or so I've been driving around my Lupo TDI with no power steering, its not especially heavy even for parking maneuvers, as the GTI is lighter and has the battery in the boot anyway, a small gain in vehicle weight balance between the axles?
  6. what would you replace? (lupo GTi)

    if you had the choice would you delete power steering, it would save the weight of the power steering pump that hangs out front of the axle
  7. Lupo TDI Sport

    Main dealer says no, stopped making them in 2016 no stock listed either
  8. Lupo TDI Sport

    Happy new year everyone, not so happy for me though as my little cars have given me nowt but grief over the last few weeks, Arosa tdi won't start, and power steering failure on my Lupo tdi. With the latter it's not the rack which is good because I have a spare front pipe from a petrol Lupo but not so good is that its different in detail. Anyone got a spare or in the process of breaking, Or is it a main dealer only option or should I take it off and ask Pirtek to knock up a repair. The leak is where the metal pipe first bends at the nearside front of the car, I suppose its the bit most exposed to salt corrosion
  9. Declaring coilovers

    Hi Dan, can you confirm that in many instances Insurance companies try it on with these blanket disclaimers and whats needed is persistence and the help of a good broker
  10. Declaring coilovers

    I think that would fall foul of the unfair contract terms legislation, as CAT C and D cars have been repaired and tested, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unfair_Contract_Terms_Act_1977
  11. Declaring coilovers

    when making statements to Insurance always say to the best of my knowledge, just in case a previous owner did something they didn't tell you about
  12. non starter, Arosa TDI

    I've got a lead but my laptop is us so can't do it myself at the moment
  13. non starter, Arosa TDI

    My auto electrician is on holiday so I can't get the magic link till he gets back but I know its not battery or glow plugs as I've changed the latter to no effect. What's worse it wont go on the jump leads either whereas it did last Thursday, pi55ed off as I'll have to use my 4x4 and it drinks petrol
  14. Got to agree, I've spent days/weeks travelling from South Wales to Newcastle and the M6 would be my choice every time unless you want to try the splendid A68 and travel through the Borders, depart the A1 just after Darlington, its a great road but best driven in the summer
  15. non starter, Arosa TDI

    It's not the battery, which is disappointing, swapped over the battery from my Lupo TDI and it still won't start whereas the replaced battery started the Lupo immediately, as the glow plugs light is flashing I'll look at them next I think
  16. non starter, Arosa TDI

    Battery is the only thing that makes sense to me too
  17. non starter, Arosa TDI

    battery fully charged in less than 2 hours and is holding its charge, so not the battery...any ideas, anyone
  18. Make sure your battery is good as you'll be using your lights, heater fan and HRW a lot
  19. non starter, Arosa TDI

    battery is 2 and a half years old and has a 3 year warranty...so pleased I kept the receipt
  20. Scots much better at keeping roads open in bad weather than the rest of Britain, keep tuned to local radio as you head into the Highlands or if you chose the East Coast route. Preparation is key though, flask for hot drinks, sleeping bag and blankets just in case, [fail to prepare, prepare to fail]
  21. Lupo 1.8T Weight

    lift off oversteer?
  22. T Charge

    As far as I can gather all Lupo's and Arosa's fail this test as they are Euro 3 compliant and this standard is short of the Euro 4 that is required to be exempt [though not from the existing congestion charge]. The difference twixt the two tests does not seem enormous compared to the huge leap to be Euro 5 compliant, would it be possible to tweak these figures for Euro 4 compliance with a remap? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_emission_standards
  23. T Charge

    My request to VW was what was the difference between a tdi from say 03 to that of one from 07, and could the latter changes for Euro4 be retro fitted, I didn't get an answer to either question That's not quite true, I did get several replies but they all said the same thing ...that they did not know
  24. Lupo Open Air

    I think there's still a tdi in the classifieds, that has air con as well as being open air, if you use that as a guide the 1 litre should be considerably less money as the tdi is a more desirable model but it'll give you an idea
  25. TDi - what to look for

    Again gearbox synchros can fail especially around 3rd gear in both directions, manageable indefinitely, but not as nice as a properly functioning box, more likely to happen if the engine has been tweaked as 3rd gear is the cars overtaking gear. Arosa TDI interiors can be crap so look for one from a Sport model