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  1. Lupo gti stance build

    I have your cars cousin! Another Lupo imported by Performance Point
  2. Hi I'm new, Here's my bagged Lupo Gti

    Welcome aboard. Japanese import? I suspect that it may have travelled to the UK with mine
  3. Sill rubber bungs - GTi

    Does anyone know the part number for the rubber bungs that fit in the bottom of the sills? There are four on each side.
  4. GTI tailgate

    I do apologise if the boot lid is steel, I always thought that they were the same as the Lupo 3L which are aluminium.
  5. GTI tailgate

    The tailgate from any Lupo will fit, however they are made from steel. A correct GTi tailgate is aluminium.
  6. GTI glass

    All the correct GTI glass is thiner than that of a cooking Lupo.
  7. Gti clutch bites high

    The clutch on the GTi is hydraulic, so no adjustment. Sounds like the clutch is worn.
  8. New Seat Arosa owner from Rome, Italy

    Welcome aboard!
  9. The lights on your first photo are the same as Lupo lights anyway. The bottom photo is of mk2 Arosa lights. The wiring changes are detailed here:
  10. Lewis' Soft Blue Lupo

    Looking good! I love the tartan cloth
  11. Japanese import Lupo GTi - Tornado Red

    The car came into the UK in June 2015, so it's not even been exposed to a full year of UK weather yet! No pictures of the underside as yet, but I do intend to clean the underneath and apply a coat of Dynax UB - great minds think alike! I also highly rate Bilt Hamber. I will post photos of the job. The MX5 is a great little sports car. They are popular with the VW crowd over on another VW forum that I frequent. Cheers
  12. Golf mk4 steering wheel on lupo gti?

    Not a straight swap. Information found on the forum. The spline is the same for the Lupo & MK 4 Golf so the wheel will physically fit and bolt on fine. The problem lies with the slip ring. The Lupo steering wheel will have the slip ring on the back, whereas the MK4 Golfs do not, they have slip ring on the steering column. People who have fit the Mk4/5 Golf wheels to their Lupos have removed the slip ring from the Lupo wheel and then attatched it to the back of the golf wheel. Then its a case of changing the connections for the airbag wires.
  13. Hey all, Luckily I'm able to keep the GTi for fun, it isn't my daily. The car is in very good order, but since collecting it in November 2015 I've been working to resolve some minor issues. So far... Full engine service, oil & filter, air filter, plugs, fuel filter, pollen filter. Cam belt, followers and water pump. Aux belt. New wipers all round. New electric window switches, luckily the windows now work 100% Repaired the clip holders on all door cards and refitted with new clips - no more rattles! Fixed rear window washer. Removed number plate surrounds (still present on photo) not to my taste Restored the finish on the headlamp lenses. Whilst the door cards where out of the rear, also removed the side pockets from the rear seating to allow easy access to check the condition of the sills. As hoped, the sills are still in as new condition. Now treated to a fresh application of Bilt Hamber Dynax S-50 Extreme Anti-Corrision Wax. I have some more jobs to do, I'm being spurred on by the improving weather...
  14. Weird noise from Lupo GTI

    Bit of an odd one this! I have a strange noise coming from the rear of my Lupo, it’s a bit difficult to explain. Imagine there is a small handful of small stones or gravel in the storage tray under the dash, they would roll from one side of the car to the other as you corner. Well that is the type of noise that is coming from the rear of my car, I can hear the it when I corner at slow speed, it really does sound like a small amount of gravel moving across the car. Sounds like it is possibly under the rear seat. I’ve had the interior out. cleared everything from the boot but not found a thing. Is it possible that I have debris either in or on top of the fuel tank? The car runs and drives perfectly. I’m stumped! Any suggestions welcome
  15. Spark plugs ??????

    The originals would have been VW, you will be able to get them from your local dealer. However NGK appear to be highly thought of, you'll not go wrong with them.