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Lilo the Lupo GTi :)

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So I have had my car for 2 months now and I think it's time she made some internet friends. I have a Y reg Lupo GTi in silver called Lilo. She had 24.5k miles on her when I bought her. She is pretty much standard but I have some plans for her over the next year or so. I'm thinking of starting with the smaller things first so pressed plate, chrome caps for the oil, water and windscreen wash and yes, as you might see in the pictures, I have bought a Stitch toy to sit in the back (Lilo and Stitch?) Minor works need to be done like the grab handles, I need a new key as I lost the main one and the transponder in the spare doesn't work so my alarm goes off quite a lot and I also need to replace the motors for the electric windows. I am going to delete the top rear brake light, debadge the back and remove the GTi badge from the front grill. I apologise for the poor picture quality. It started raining and I had only just washed her :(



At the moment, she is sat on 17" Boss multifitment wheels (Don't judge me, that's how I bought the car!) which are scuffed beyond belief. I have bought some Audi Pepperpots that are currently in old english white. Looking to get them resprayed in either matt black or sparkly black with the logo, lip and the end of the centre cap in polished silver. I am thinking for the summer I want to get Drag DR 24s 15x8 4x100 but we shall see. Hoping to get them on by March, and I'm hoping I can put some coilovers on at the same time as at the moment, she is sitting too high for my liking.


To be fair, the interior of the car is immaculate, but I'm looking to put Mk4 Golf GTi seats in with a custom retrim, so if you know anyone who is any good but doesn't rip people off let me know! Failing the Mk4's I might just get the GTi seats for the lupo, and not bother with a retrim. If I change the fabric of the seats, I will also change the door cards and the parcel shelf to tie in.




The only other thing non standard about the car is the stereo and the sub. The previous owner of the car changed the head unit, but me, my brother, my dad and a friend all played a part in fitting the sub, and sinking the amp below the boot floor. Unfortunately, the original CD player now doesn't fit flush in the centre console but I am looking to change that anyway. Thinking of having a separate equalizer in there, but if you have any better ideas, fire them my way! The sub I have was built 15 years ago by my dad and is still going strong. I'm not entirely sure of the size but it is a Pioneer subwoofer sunk into a custom built box, which is sealed with silicone. It is amazing! Once everything is connected properly, and I have secured my amp (as it is being held in place by the Vans boxes), it has a separate blue light inside which tops it off for me. I have one killswitch at the moment which works, but is waiting to be placed in the boot floor, and I am looking at having a second one in the centre console in the front just because it would be easier to turn it on in the front of the car, than having to open the boot to turn it on when I want to use it.


So that's my plan for the first half of 2014. Once all of that has been done, I am looking into uprating the speakers in the car, getting a cone induction kit, bespoke decat stainless steel exhaust (don't know whether to stick with the twin exit or just have one bigger exit) and then a remap. It might take me a little while to get there but I will make it happen... eventually.

I hope you like my car as much as I do!

Lisa <3

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Lovely looking lupo you've got yourself there! Very nice are the GTI's - love them in Silver!

Is that the original mileage? Very low especially for a Y plate - enjoy owning!

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Yes I am a girl and yes that is the original mileage. Was extremely lucky! Just waiting to be paid just before Christmas and I will get properly started :) cant wait to update you all once I have actually done something xxx

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I've heard dubmeisteris the place to go for legal ones so they shall be put on next month once I've ordered them :) all in all, there isn't really a lot of work to be done :) xxx

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I have a question for everyone. Thinking about getting a respray done. Yay or nay? If I were to do it, I would get it done in a mid grey with either a blue or red fleck. Opinions?

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It's your car, do what you want with it but I'd suggest sticking to a solid colour as it is more suited to the shape and the fleck just won't go.

Grey is done, think outside the box.

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Someone has keyed the passenger door. It was also in an accident before I had it and you can see where the panels were repaired. (Most people don't notice it but I'm overly aware that it is there) Looking to get the lines on the panels deleted and the rear bumper smoothed. I know I wouldn't have to get a respray for the whole car, but most of the GTi's I've seen are in moon silver, with the athracite grey and black ones being harder to find. Just fancied doing something different, but I dont see the point in getting her wrapped when I want to have the work I've mentioned done.

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Very nice looking Lupo, im afraid I would have to take the sub out, I use my boot :P

I have no use for a boot as I'm so used to not having one. Had the same sub in my mk1 Arosa for 18 months so you can't miss what you never had.

Think I will keep it standard as she is a beautiful car, I just need something to make her different from the other silver Lupo GTi's :')

L x

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