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  1. Wanting a Drivers Door for a Lupo must be in Reflex Silver & in very good condition preferably close to Wakefield in West Yorkshire PM if you can help Or text 07941949169 Gavin
  2. Found where the electrics for the door need disconnecting....it's behind the panel where the bonnet handle lever is in the drivers footwell!
  3. Removed both door panels but now struggling to remove electrics wondering which cables to dissoconnect so it can be thread threw the door so it can be removed from car Any more help?
  4. Basically had an accident with my Lupo where my door has been damaged so wanting to replace it with a good used replacement. But need info on how you remove a door & what tools / procedures you go through to do it? Thanks
  5. Cheers everyone for the replies I'll look into shortly thanks
  6. Any particular brands people can recommend which they use on there lupo's ? Cheers
  7. Hi there guys & girls u have a Lupo TDI with the original 14" sport alloy wheels fitted the tyres are 185 / 55 R14 can anyone recommend any particular brand that are good & any that are good for fuel economy ? Also Best place to but tyres from ? Cheer all
  8. When I got my lupo the light didn't work! Very easy fix just pull the middle button out & change the bulb takes no time at all!
  9. Lovely looking lupo you've got yourself there! Very nice are the GTI's - love them in Silver! Is that the original mileage? Very low especially for a Y plate - enjoy owning!
  10. That's is class! Just shared it on my Facebook - don't know what's going on with the bidding lol
  11. Very nice car you've got yourself there mate! Bargain price too!!
  12. Cheers mate! Well I persevered & managed to get it back enough for it to sit flush was a bit of a struggle tbh! But did jiggle various wires into the sides & it went in! Was comptemplating removing the plastic bracket bar at the back if it didn't go in on the last attempt at fitting it! Love how it looks in the dash & doesn't look out of place! Nice ?
  13. Well pleased to say that the MFD is in & working great thanks to the purchase of the 'Plug & Play lead' & have also taken 'Philplop' advice & tucked the GPS transmitter just underneath the dash centre & is working great! Now I know it's all working, next step is to try & push it back & fitted but with lots of wires behind the unit is taking some fiddling about! But very happy now that I know it works! Thanks to everyone for their advice & input ?
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