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My Black 2006 VW FOX !!


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So here is my black 2008 VW Fox, I bought this car at the beginning of this year as my first car, mainly because of the price of the insurance and the cost to run, however I've decided to do a few mods. Currently saving for lowering springs / coilovers (undecided)

Current mods:

-Black Badges

-Iphone mount, charger,jackplug, satnav arangment

-15" Golf GTI mk3 alloy wheels (refurbished and painted myself)

-Yokahama Cdrive 2 tires (allround)

---------------------------------------------------------Let me know what you think---------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Photo shop of it about 40mm lower ?







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Those wheels suit surprisingly well. It's aching for lows though, coilies all the way :yes:

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I agree. I expected them not to suit. However, that said i think you missed a trick as there are some nice 16" OE wheels that would suit the Fox.

Coilovers for the ride height.

Well done and the jobs on the wheels looks good.

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Can anyone recommend some coilovers for not too much then?

Hi, I have Prosport coilovers on my fox and I think they are pretty good, the car feels much tighter on the road. The suspension is a bit harder but you get used to it :)

Nice photography by the way

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Car looks awesome, I'm looking to swap my badges for black ones as well but I just can't find the right size, is there any chance you can drop a link or let me know where you got them from? It would be greatly appreciated!

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