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  1. My plan is to buy a written off car with a 1.8T lump to do the conversion with. So I would be better off buying a Polo GTI 9n3 instead of a Golf MK4 GTI because the polo has the same engine bay?
  2. Fantastic build thread, just read the whole thing from start to finish and really enjoyed it - congratulations I would love to do the same with my fox but I just don't have the knowhow! Can't believe your looking to sell it though
  3. Is it possible to fit the 1.8T engine from the MK4 Golf GTI into a Volkswagen Fox? Do they share the same chassis? Has anyone done it? If I was to buy a MK4 Golf to use as a donor car would it be possible? I see a VR6 Fox on YouTube but that was a specially made Spanish rally car Help is much appreciated
  4. I am also experiencing this lol! I do have an aftermarket headunit but I don't think it is that... It is completely random.. its about two seconds long, It always confuses me and I don't know why it does it. It is definitely not the indicators / lights I think it has something to do with me switching the car off when its still rolling..?
  5. Really like the sticker bombed look around the radio and gearstick. Think that looks wicked I have carbon fibre vinyl wrapped around mine Keep up the good work
  6. Yeah they wrote it off because of that, the pictures you can see are pictures of the car in the salvage yard! crazy isn't it!
  7. Its okay lol you don't have to follow me I just like following other people with foxes so I can see what they've done on theirs Cheers for the positive feedback, although I am going to have to disagree with you on the red callipers, I redone two of them last week and I think it really suits it these pictures do not do them justice Thank you very much
  8. Do you mean like the ones I've got on my fox? I think these are the A6 ones
  9. Hi, I have Prosport coilovers on my fox and I think they are pretty good, the car feels much tighter on the road. The suspension is a bit harder but you get used to it Nice photography by the way
  10. Latest pictures, sorry its not clean I promise I will clean it when It stops raining! Follow me on instagram: xharrison_m
  11. My next purchases will be these, I plan to have these all on the car before christmas: Tinted rear taillights - £85 Anddddd A slightly lipped edge spoiler - £87 Wind deflectors - £35 And a bung to dewiper the rear - £12 What are your opinions? what should I get first? What shouldn't I get? SIDENOTE: Hopefully i'll be going graphitti tunnel on Wednesday evening with one of my friends who does photography and Ill try and get some decent shots of the silver fox.
  12. Fitted some Audi A6 style day time running lights, tinted the windows & Half painted the calipers in red (I still need to do it properly) Heres what it looked like, the lowering springs are on in the pictures of the wheels but not the shot with the DRLS Follow me on instagram: xharrison_m
  13. After a while of riding around on my stilt like Volkswagen Fox suspension I decided that It either needed to be lowered or to put this Volkswagen fox RDX front bumper on it. I opted with the springs but heres what the bumper looks like: (I borrowed this picture from someone else this is not mine) Anyway, I decided to get it lowered instead of the bumper so I purchased a ProSport Volkswagen fox lowering kit and my neighbour put it on for me! (He is one of the best mechanics I know)
  14. I then put a twin 3" exhaust on the back. - Just a side note, anyone who is thinking of doing this consider buying just the tip, even though mine sounds decent the old "fart can" noise does get on your nerves after a while. I also added a Red Volkswagen racing badge to make it my very own "Fox R" lol. This is what it looked like from behind at this stage (edited a number plate on with paint)
  15. Then I bought a set of Volkswagen Golf GTI Montreal 16" alloys with 205 60 16 tyres! The car looked like a monster.. The wheels were WAY too big and rubbed against the car. So I took the tyres off the rim sanded them up and painted them 2 pack black? I then bought a set of 205 40 16 tyres to sort out the rubbing problem After putting the wheels back on the car it looked like this:
  16. Then started the modifications, first off I put some red neons in the footwell and a switch in the dashboard for them followed by; Pioneer 240w 2 way door speakers, vibe blackair 12" subwoofer & pioneer 4500BT Headunit
  17. As you can see she was a bit damaged But me and my dad soon fixed her up
  18. http://s1286.photobucket.com/user/HarrisonsFoxR/media/Fox%20R/Frontdamageside_zps98be4df7.jpg.html?sort=2&o=24
  19. http://instagram.com/p/YILcDSTU3H/ No idea how to upload photos...?
  20. Hello, thank you for viewing my thread. This is my first one and im just going to be showing everyone what I have done to my VW Fox I bought it from a salvage yard with 12k miles on the clock, when we got it home it had damage to the front right wheel and door. We put a new door on it and fixed the wheel problem. First time using this forum so bare with me but ill be uploading pictures soon
  21. Here are the only darker rear lights that I have found for a fox http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/321179048933?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2648 I think you need to lower it and change the wheels, I went for 16's but looking back I think it would sit a bit better with 17's and 40mm profile.
  22. I think I had this trouble the other week with my Silver fox, If im right their was like an extra clip near where the bumper is attached to the wheel arch. Hope you get on okay
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