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Alternator upgrade


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I'm going to be running a 1500w rms - 3000w peak amp, I've already upgraded the battery and done 'the big 3' but I'm lacking power on my current system which is only about 2000w peak. Which alternators would fit a 1.4 8v arosa, I believe it has an akk engine but I can't check right now as I'm at work. I've heard the 180A passat alternator fits, but id rather someone confirmed it before I go blasting my money

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Apparently the 180a fits.. I was running 1600W RMS @ 1 ohm of bass, and around 400w rms audio in my walled lupo... On a stock alternator, just with a second leisure battery in the boot to take the strain off the original electrical system.. I never got headlight fade or any other issues, ran like this for 12 months before selling the car and audio

One thing to remember with a larger alternator, it will effect the cars performance driving wise as its a big load on the engine.



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passat alternator fits i'm sure, like you said but i'm not 100%

Edit: speak to little rich, he had an issue with his. his speakers kept cutting out when car was idling because they alternator wasn't providing enough power.


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Do anyone know if 44kw 1.4 petrol engine will be able to pull 120A alternator or not? 

I have 80A alternator without damper pulley, maintaince coasts more than this upgrade. 120A alternators have damper pulleys, which will remove some load from engine.

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