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  1. Haha cheers all for the cool comments... trying to work out what to do next haha, thinking i might carry on the contrast with a plush interior as ive got all the electrostatic flocking equipment... or to rat the interior lol :/ hmm
  2. Well ive got my arosa,,,,, which on a SMALL technicality is not a lupo haha although is a boring TDI.... http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/topic/99973-my-custom-painted-ratrod-style-arosa-tdi/ The second more interesting ride..... Is the one im currently building... A 1947Hotrod....Holset HX40 Powered OM606 3.0 6 Cyl Mercedes Turbo Diesel (just over 400bhp with over 740Nm torque - on a custom £1000 Fuel Pump) Have air ride going on it, suicide front axle, twin rear axle and no end of other hot rod bits Although, as you can see.... its in its early stages!!
  3. I then decided to buy some contrasting blingy wheels... Mainly due to seeing chrome works well against rust in the oldschool hotrod scene... With the wheels and tyres sorted, i put them on the car, and well happy with the outcome! Im now working on a few other bits while the car starts to fully rust... Ive made and rusted a custom MDF sub box (1000w RMS sub), again a nice blingy one to contrast the rust lol Im now trying to source a roof rack for it (nice retro looking one), and then work out what my next step should be Any Ideas?
  4. Once it was ready, it was time to fire up the booth and attempt spraying for the first time haha! I could have painted it with a roller or brush, but as i had the opportunity i thought i would give it a proper go in a professional booth. Well, painting..... its not as easy as it looks haha! I had no problems laying my paint down, in fact no problems at all... but damn it was hard as i kept rubbing the car with the airline, and generally leaning over wet parts haha! Other than the paint operator (me), the paint went on perfect, and 2.5 litres of it later i was left with this,,, I the
  5. Hi Guys, Well where do i start?!... hmm maybe a few pics lol!! My car started out as a standard arosa TDi, and then went on to be a ultra clean and slightly modified version... However after a few beers, things began to change, as i had the idea of rusting my car... I looked around for a few weeks, and could only find one chap who could supply me with an overpriced epoxy based kit, which upon testing reacted and cracked as it dried really brittle. I still wanted the look, after seeing some great ratted cars at the shelsley walsh retrorides gathering ..... After a few more drinks, lo
  6. If you were in the midlands i could have given you a decent MOT tester. Just go around a few garages, explain you have a decat and is there anything they can do, if they say no, move to the next... Sounds stupid, but its how i found my MOT bloke all them years ago....
  7. your missing out ...... 5. Find a friendly MOT tester.
  8. You have contradicted yourself in that post... 'you offer mechanical services' yet need ideas for your own 'rally' car.... not hating, just seems a bad advertisement. Maybe put a few pics up of a few recent conversions, work you have done etc. It might stir up a bit of interest with the members who rate all mechanical work by the amount of spanners the Haynes manual states... Best of luck
  9. Haha cheers... now in the classifieds to make way for a mk3 caddy
  10. Well between work and setting up my online shop Ive carried on with the beast of a sub box... I masked off the carbon (to prevent spray glue going everywhere), and got to work trimming in 1 piece of acoustic carpet. With the box trimmed it was covered in a layer of poorboys EXP to give me a seal of polish to the front.. This was left overnight to 'eat in'... This morning it was time to wire up the sub to run 4 ohms, as the amp i have delivers 2500w RMS at 4ohm ... I done this via putting the voice coils in series, thus adding 2ohm + 2ohm, giving me 4 With the wiring sorted, i sealed th
  11. Thanks for the great comments...makes all the swear words worth it haha!!... Well ive cracked on a bit more with the sub box..... The front had ist 1st coat of resin, which was left for 16 hours to cure, before having a 240 grit wet sand to remove high spots prior to the second resin coat.... Second resin coat.... Left to cure for another 18 hours and it looked like this.... Sanded smooth from 100grit to 600, and then squared the port back up with paint (as the sanding had taken the coloring off in places). The sub box was then left in an upright position for 3 days to let the styr
  12. No roof bar haha, cream roof and yellow headlights... Might not have been me, but i was deffo there that day,, and don't know any other flat painted lupos I didnt see you though, but was too busy trying to limp the car home thanks to a near blow out that caused the tyre to misshape
  13. Well ive picked up a small sub for the lupo...... (popped a 50p coin onto the magnet to give a size to gauge)... The sub will take the 2500/2600w RMS my amp will give it fairly easily (as long as its a clean signal, which it will be)... The box that came with the sub was cr*p to say the least, so it was time to calculate, design & build a new one.... Ive gone for a 28Hz, L - flare ported box, with a double 18mm baffle, 45's and a resin coated internal...Its bang on 3 cubic foot with all the displacement taken into account. Its been glued, screwed (a lot) and the front is currently being
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