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Matts Canica arosa, Getting Lower


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So I made a topic a long time ago, didn't keep up with it so thought I would start again.

So a lot has happened over the last year, car went from looking **** to, being in an accident and nearly being

written off, this was bad times and happened a few days before christmas, so i was pretty bummed out. :angry2:

so lets so i just bought the car again, but broken... and going to be a pain in the ass for the next 5 months while i get everything sorted

might all want to close your eyes its graphic. :/ thought she was gone

this is one of my worst nightmare


so after all this time for the repair to begin, after ripping everything off.

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So the car was bad but not that bad, and sat in the garage for a few days while being repaired,

I did However strike gold, Found me a lovely blue donor arosa with a front end at the breakers yard not to far away.

So got repairing started with getting the bumper bar to fit, seen as the cross member had been just a tad bent in

which i managed to get out by ratchet roping it to a tree...



Got the bumper not in best condition but was from a scrap what do you expect, so i got repairing sticking a new slam and rad in

which blew up on impact :S


so this is after everything had been put on and tightened up, looking **** although a lot of people said it looks good a different colour however i think that may be sympathy right there...

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So the day after we pulled it out to find out what was wrong with the engine luckily nothing, power steering and coolant was all it needed,

just so glad that I am back on the road, able to get to work to get this all fixed.

soon as it was done all I thought was needs a respray or wrapping..

if anyone knows any good body shops in the Kent area, give me a holla.

So I'm just going to keep it nice and clean for now, to make up for the dodgy bonnet/bumper


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thought i would give my car a good clean the other day,

going to get me a kit to start cleaning it properly, snow foam, need some clay to get some spots clean.

even ad the buffer out today buffing up the surface off the car, after being all waxed to death.


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I have the wing of that car on mine:-) they sell at good rates to £40 for wing inc delivery:D

It should only cost about 180 for bonnet and bumper sprayed i just had my new bumper sprayed for 120 and its a perf lect colour match

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Right im revamping this post as i jsut had my car fully sprayed up and i am back in love with it ordering my coilovers next week along with wind deflectors and i am putting on my freshly painted mini g60 steels.



here is a few pics to get me started again

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