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  1. who are you just sitting there then drove off when i came to my car
  2. I have told them but they had a limit of 50 mm but it's lower than that anyways so I think ill just take them out anyway haha
  3. a few photos from cleaning the arosa the other day want to get more shine and need smaller tyres anyone suggest smallest tyres i can put on these mini g60s
  4. find pannels on ebay cheap practice then do it yourself althought pain can be expencive but if yu learn to do a small area then small scratches will be nothing if you learn to blend the paint in
  5. just wondering if wheel spacers would put the tracking out, and if after putting 30 on the back and 15 front would need to get the tracking done again
  6. could really do with some help got told to get 165/45/r14 but cannot find them anywhere
  7. no stretch just the smallest profile tyre you can get i dont know much about tyres
  8. hey just wondering what the smallest tyre size i could get on a set of mini g60 steels not banded or anything? and if anyone can point me in the right direction to get some online thanks
  9. all clean and finished rear adjusters all the way down but not low enough but cant take them out because of insurance??? but want to go lower and new alloys would be great,,,
  10. i got bored of the rear lights on my arosa they are horrible, so tacky but i bought some lupo lights and stuck them on!! also i sprayed up my mini g60s, not a very good job but will do on bit of a budget, just need to save for borbets bs4s now the finished thing all cleaned and polished for prept the otherday which was great
  11. started to lower my car Got myself a new windscreen the one after the crash has a massive crack in it so i had to replace for mot also just gave my car a bit of a clean
  12. they are a new set of jom and the topmounts were the used ones, ill let them settle a bit and then try moving the springs about
  13. I put on my Jom coilovers and seems to be lower at the front on the drivers side , wound them down exactly the same amont but the arch gap is a lot smaller on that side and has to be wound back up to make it even again! And also can hear the springs bouncing about a lot! Any ideas anyone
  14. dose anywhere sell cat guards for a seat arosa 2004
  15. Was you not be one in front of me at the lights that thought it was funny to wait till they were amber to go haha, leaving me behind , tbh it was funny
  16. Mate I love this car, love te exhaust , looks sick, and is redic lows hope I see it around again when I'm near blackfen
  17. Mate I love this car, love te exhaust , looks sick, and is redic lows hope I see it around again when I'm near blackfen
  18. Me me me was me? You drive white lupo? Or with someone that was driving a white lupo ?
  19. yeah thats what i saw, on the porsche teledials
  20. Saw a green lupo, I'm bean Kent near Bluewater? Looked nice who's is it?
  21. Sweet thanks Adam!! Will do that tomorow morning pop into somewhere pick up some of that stuff do the tyres Aswell as they look a bit dim!!
  22. Sprayed up the tail pipe today in a random silver i found laying about the house, it looks OK! and does anyone know how i can get the bottom plastics back to a nice black colour ?
  23. I also thought arosa heaven was the place it was going to go!!! Lucky I managed to save it and now after a few months its back standard... Cannot wait to get changing with coilovers and other stuff ??
  24. Right im revamping this post as i jsut had my car fully sprayed up and i am back in love with it ordering my coilovers next week along with wind deflectors and i am putting on my freshly painted mini g60 steels. here is a few pics to get me started again
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