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New member from Sweden


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Well, i maby should introduce my self ..

A young man in his best years, 29 .. Born and raised in Sweden.

Drive a Blue 1,4 16v -00, lowerd 60/60 with xxr 501 Gun Metal wheels.

The car has full leather seats, nothing i've seen before in a Lupo .. maby VAG had overprices that option, who knows.

Was about to sell the Lupo after buying me a bigger car but after 4 months of driver the "new" car

i got problem with the automatic gearbox, and lucky for me the Lupo still where in my ownership ...

For the summer i drive a Volkswagen Corrado 16v -93 witch i bought in 2006. Im the second owner here in Sweden after the first lost his driverlicens just after 4-6 months he got the car, young kid, hehe.

Well, not much to say .. I maby not will be the most active person here but it's alway to do a litle presentation

of you self, hehe.

Below you have some pictures on my rides.

Thats all for me! :)


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The full leather is known as a colour concept edition.

I have only ever seen pictures of blue and 1 and half red interior in this country, Probably roughly about 6 sets i know of. (2 gti's, 3 sports, 1 1.4s known and 1/2

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welcome, got a soft spot for corrados :thumbsup:

i have the same interior in my loop

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