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Seats help :)


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Hey, so recently I've been getting fed up of my seats as the previous owner has left oil stains and all sorts on them, no point in getting them wet vacced or anything as I'm gonna be re-trimming my doorcards soon anyway, so I thought I'd just get some new ones (since i dont like the design on them anyway).

Basically, all I'm asking is... What seats are a direct fit for a MK1 arosa?

Am I right in thinking that MK3 Polo seats would fit? Only basing that on that the rest of the interior is the same (apart from doorcards)?

Anyway, essay over.

Cheers for replies, Joe :)

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I have put a set of evo 3 recaros into my mk2 arosa! a simple subframe welded/bolted together and four holes drilled in the original seat runners and bolted in and job done! thats with using the original rails that were in the evo! only took two nights to do with just pieces of box section! if you have the supplies and a little knowledge the skys the limit when going for some nice seats! :thumbup:

good luck either way!

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mk4 seats are not sooo easy to fit depending on what your original seat runners are like. im talking from experiance here !! so take car when buying the mk 4 seats as you need to make sure they will fit. check the 'how to section' and compare your seat runner and mounts to the ones in the pictures.

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