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  1. Hi everyone, Does anyone no the number of the relay required for the horn on a Lupo GTI? Horn doesn't work of the button and the following has been checked: - Wiring to and from the wheel - MOMO earthing correct and tested - Horn functions when wired directly (currently has a second cable lashed in to pass the mot) - No relay clicking and there is a relay missing from the contact board although. - Tried TPS and looked through wiring diagram but both suggest it can be 1 of 15 relays with no suggestions as to which one. Any help would be greatly appreciat
  2. Having the same bother with mine; plugged it into vagcom and it wouldnt recognise the key, was advised that the comfort module may be on its way out.
  3. And 2/3 10mm nuts holding motor in
  4. Jazz blue lupo, smoothed rear, pop outs, stubby mirrors lowered on black dished wheels ( no idea what they were ) any ideas who it was?
  5. Will need to withstand some corrosion so maybes source a aftermarket part, this looks like it would do the job, specified for diesels but it looks the rite shape http://item.mobileweb.ebay.co.uk/viewitem?itemId=140931794703&cmd=VIDESC
  6. An EGR (engine gas recirculation) valve is simply there to reduce the emission a slight bit by re-feeding the exhaust gasses into the engine; it won't affect your emissions so much that it fails an MOT, being a 1.0. As for the wiring, it will more than likely show a fault code via displaying the EML on your dash, the engine will still run and a bit smoother if anything due to using a constant streem of clean fuel rather than a mix of used / unused vapour. Elegidly you can see throttle response improvement; but using a blanking plate for the egr port can raise the temperature of the head which
  7. cheers man, will hopefully get around to having a look at the weekend
  8. Anyone? any advice would be greatly appreciated
  9. Smart.. get that lupo licking the floor.. would love a black loop but not so much with keeping it clean
  10. had this plugged into vagcom a month or soo ago following this and the car wouldnt recognise the key; the lad said it might be the com fort module??.. another point is that the auto-lock & unlock was turned on but only the auto-lock worked, could this be related as i know the module controls windows and locking. also if i was to need a new CCM what do i need to be looking for? certain amount of pins in the plug? or does it have to be a dealer part? thanks
  11. notorious for blowing steering pumps with city steering and headgasket at 60000 miles.. but still sounds a decent commuter
  12. True ... Still, the novelty of 95 mpg
  13. Still not a bad buy if it goes cheap (inc auction costs)
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