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  1. Should be over Bluewater anyway so I'll pop over in my Mini.
  2. Rex

    Piston Rings

    Never even heard of that before but I guess not.
  3. Rex

    Piston Rings

    Big cost of putting another engine in, surely? I've not got the money for testing it and playing about. :\ Wish I knew more about engines though haha.
  4. My engine's gone (see Arosa threads) so doesn't look like I'll be going. :\
  5. Rex

    Piston Rings

    Seems my car wants to burn oil and get oil on the spark plugs. I've been told this means a new engine or a re-build, neither of which I have the money for. Not sure what to do with the car, whether to scrap it, break it or take a baseball bat to everything, considering the time and effort me and others have put into it. Any suggestions for my little MK1, 1.4 Arosa?
  6. Rex


    Or you could do what I'm doing and remove the back seats all together so you can put two 15" subs in. :3
  7. On the topic of seats, I'm a fan of bucket seats (each to their own) and was wondering if anyone knew where would sell a cheap pair of reclining bucket seats?
  8. If that's what I think it was, Jay and I went to it. I got moaned at by the police, like usual.
  9. I'll hopefully be down there too, if my car's still working. >< Should have finished vinyl wrapping it matt orange by then too.
  10. I did reply, in a personal message thingy.
  11. Awesome, what time are you going?
  12. Rex

    Head liner

    Lovin' that! Can't believe I didn't see it last night. Inspired me to start on my interior a little faster now haha.
  13. Fun evening. Thanks everyone for the ideas and help. Looking forward to more.
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