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Joti's Red GTI on Schmidt Modernlines

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Skinny tyres on, and to protect the bodywork, the car is now well and truly in Winter mode

It doesn't take much to put some horrible pitting in polished dishes Jot! its not about their cleanliness, its about salt

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your feedback score is in 3000 :0 how much sh*t do you buy

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This may come as something of a shock, but since selling my Peugeot in February and buying the Lupo, I have missed it in some ways, so I have gone and bought another Peugeot - collecting it this evening.....

Old one will be up for sale. :)

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Took the car out and took a few snaps in the "Beirut" area of Bracknell :)











Car actually hadn't been washed for a week :paperbag: but the overcast conditions are forgiving on the photos ;)

And some greenery......




This is what you have to do when you're making no more mods! :lol:

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making me want a GTi so badly! hopefully end of this year :ouch:

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With some trepidation, I decided to officially mark my debut with my machine polisher (even though I bought it months ago! :lol:)

Firstly, I cannot recommend the Menzerna stuff enough! Thanks to Alex (fatttty) for that, as his thread inspired me to get some of this stuff :thumbsup:


I had some very fine scratches (too fine to photograph) on the sides under the rear windows where they had slid down when held by only one screw when I was changing over to the pop-outs. A few minutes with the polisher and Menzerna FG500, followed by the FF3000 and they were history! :)


Clean as folk ;)


Just seen now I missed a bit in one of the top corners!!! :surprised:


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that set of menzerna can't have been cheap

great work pal, looks sweet

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Awesome job mate! Come do mine lol

Yours is shinier than mine!!!! :lol:

that set of menzerna can't have been cheap

great work pal, looks sweet

Cheers, it was not as daunting as I thought! The polishes were about £30 for the set, but you really only need a pea-size amount on the rotary head so it should last for years :)

Has a amazing shine to it top work hope to see it in the flesh soon when am around Bracknell

Thanks pal ;)

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