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  1. Ashh

    coilovers for gti hubs

    At a guess, different spring rates etc. I can confirm what rich has said about coilovers & using your current ball joints NOT the gti ones
  2. I have 4 13" trims if your close to me?
  3. Before you spend £120 on coil packs, change temp sensor. £30 from TPS.
  4. It's been done before, I'm sure vauxhall did a week test drive at one stage
  5. I've just had this exact same problem on my lupo. Check spark on coilpacks check spark on plugs Check fuel is getting to fuel rail (remove inlet pipe from rail, get friend to hold pipe into a container and turn ignition to 'live' so the fuel pump turns on) However I replaced my throttle body & temperature sensor (was faulty) And mine seems to be okay now.
  6. Only time mileage goes is when the battery is dead
  7. Ashh

    Rear disc conversion

    As far as I know you need the whole beam and parts are transferable to a drum rear beam. As for is it worth it? Yes.
  8. I wouldnt waste money on the adjustable one, i got my wietec ones for £10 delivered from ebay. My adjustable one as above did not work at alllll on the wietecs because they are the half moon shape like KW
  9. I've been trying to find orange tint for fronts and have ordered orange sides joe ! Great minds! Thanks though dude! And Joti, where? I'm always going through, just seen you today intact!
  10. 'twas me who just flashed going past sunningdale station dude! Car looks epic!
  11. So, Bumper is on. I need to take it off and modify some bits slightly to get the lamps back where they started, but i love it! I also got some new cleaning goodies! Let me know what you think guys!
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