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Sally the Arosa, Porsche Rimmage, Awaiting Major Lows

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Hello everyone, as you may be aware, i have a new car :) its a 2004 reg Seat arosa s, I sold my old polo as some of you may remember ( if you dont ill put up a picture) and the lad that had it has crashed it within.. 5 days, shocking really, word of advice to everyone, choose carefully who you sell your car too, i regret it a hell of alot, any ways from now on itll just be pictures :)

My old polo



The New whip ;)


Tbh i havent got many pictures of sally, as i have been major busy, but ill get some pictures up soon... oh and these came this mornin :P


" can you tell what it is yet " :)

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They are indeed mate, they could do with spacing abit tbh, but i like the tuck all about front tuck!!!

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Cheers dude, it was an eventful day, had the arches rolled and got it lowered, gotta get some spacers on the front, get the tyre off the coilover, then gotta get the tracking and camber done, then focus on gettin my bbs built for the end of the month :P

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whats interesting about them :P i adamant i will fit them, i know people say you cant though haha

Loving the wheels. This looks like a spitting image of mine but minus the dents :(

Get them knocked out mate, im sure you will be able to do it and get it show worthy :thumbsup:

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8.5 is gonna be too wide, it takes lot of work to run 8s with minimal catching and nice lows

Hmmm, i thought it would be, but ive seen a few people running 8.5s, im not completely fussed about goin crazy low on the back, just stick some camber on and sit the arch above the tyre, little rich was running 8j with 15mm spacers, thats technically more than 8.5j, :/ thats the only hope im going off haha

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