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18.95£ and

Rinse thoroughly after each wash using Luke warm water.

Gently squeeze out.

And air dry

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Auto Finesse Revitalise System



"The Revitalise system has been developed to provide beginners with everything they need to jump in to the world of machine polishing in one box. The kit comprises of 3 compounds and 3 accompanying pads, all conveniently colour coded and numbered to indicate their place in the procedure."

So in short a paint correction kit anyone can pick up and use with ease with a DA.


A very well abused Ford KA roof. This vehcile has been corrected else where except the roof. I saved the for the Auto Finesse kit due to the heavy scarring and swirls.


Firstly lets talk about the packing of the product...

The exterior box follows the traditional Auto Finesse style this their distinctive decoration whilst tying in the three colours from the compounds, polishes and pads.

Now you are super excited as youve seen your new polishing kit; take time to admire the finer touches... The text as you open it in all your excitement:

Three small steps for you


One giant leap for your paint finish


Although this isn't what you normally see on detailing packaging, it just shows how the Auto Finesse team go that extra mile for their customers!

Now after opening your box you are then greeted by a very well packed kit. All fitting into the box nicely in its place:


And once unpacked you will realise that youve received alot of goods:

Two White Microfibre Towels

One Pad cleaning Brush

One Roll of Tape

Pad Prime

Quality Graphical Instructions

Three Products (stage one, two and three polishes)

Three corresponding DA Pads


At this point the sun came out and I took time to asses the paint under direct sun light. As you can see in the close up images its has heavy marks and swirls as you'd expect for 12 year old car thats never been corrected!




So the first step on the kit was to mask up! On this KA I masked the aerial base, the window screen top sill, the rubber gutter strips and the panel gap between the roof and tail gate.


Next came the Pad Priming. This product is perfect of its use and fills a gap the market. This product is designed to instantly make your new or used pad ready for polish. And I have to say I hope Auto Finesse release this as an individual product as its a must have when machine polishing.


Once I was primed up, I used the first compound. I applied to the pad as instructed by the instructions, and then worked into the selected area: about 60cm by 60cm.



As a compound this worked into the paint really well and once up to speed and a nice heat it started to remove heavy defects. Also as the heaviest polish it left a great finish on its own. Where as other compounds could leave heavy buffer trails this didnt and once buffed off leaves a surprising glossy finish.


Now onto the polish, stage two...

As a polish i expected this to remove the swirls left after the compounding stage, and it did exactly this. Once again was extremely easy to work into the paint and once you get moving with the product it soon removes those defects that where left.


Lastly the final refining stage.

Previously I have only used Menzerna finishing stages. And first thing that got me about this one as the smell... It is amazing... Propper nice!

As with the other stages; when teamed with the right pad its works into the paint smoothly and efficiently with great ease. I felt this left the same great finish as a menzerna product but a lot easier to work. And I fell this would be a great purchase on its own.


So after the three stages I took some pictures using direct sun light.



50/50 (my favourite 50/50 to date


And after...


After this great finishing I was feeling a bit daring and wanted to break the rules...

So I had the top of the tailgate to play with so I wondered if i could combine polish and pad for a single stage/enhancement combination. I used the second stage polish but with the denser compound pad. After going over the area as usual I found this worked really nicely on its own and removed 85% of makrs in the paint. As a combination Id be happy to go over the car with just this stage.

So before:


And after



-Great Value

-Everything you need to get perfect paint

-Well packaged

-Easy to use with the instructions. Infact I feel with comon sence and a DA anyone could make this work


-I didn't try this earlier

-Pad Prime should be able to buy individually.

Finally Thanks to Auto Finesse to plugging a hole in the market with a great product and id HIGHLY recommend it.

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Great write up as per :thumbsup:

This is the type of thing that I would want having never done this before, a complete start to finish solution.

Question is how much ?

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