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anyone got a spair £19.5k??

one litre wonder ;)

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If you want a Beetle RS for not much dosh, get theeselves to Asda and Tesco.

I bought a red one and a silver one and they were 59p each! Complete with roof and hatch spoilers, bucket seats and rather dangerous looking roll cage.

They will go nicely with the rest of the budget VWs in my Stan's model VAG garage I plan to build next year. I'm taking inspiration from Dave Best's farm project on the Royle Family :lol:

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Ive had a drive in one when I worked at VWR, Its a very nice and very rare car!

I would have one like a shot! (tho I wouldn't pay that asking price, maybe around 15k)

But what ever you do don't crash it, You will never be able to replace the body kit as VW Germany sold the remaining panels the VWR UK and I know they only have a couple left, most of the kits have gone on the race cars!

I also had to try and order a replacement window winder handle for one! Not a chance as they were specially made and no spares were made! I assume its the same for all the other one off parts on it!

By the way there is one RHD RSi in the world! Its was epically converted at owners expense!

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