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  1. me ( on the left ) and max's ( on the right ) old arosa's
  2. headlamps are provisionally gone but wings still available mate
  3. ive got a set of 13" arosa alloys which came off of Miss OLW's arosa due to the brake upgrade tyres are a mix of makes but all have decent tread on them £85+ postage ( can be collected though! )
  4. ok ive got a load of parts i need gone mk1 arosa head lights - prov. sold mk2 arosa passenger headlight only - £25 it has got a slight scratch on the lense pollen filter cover - £5 mk1 arosa battery tray -£5 mk1 arosa power distributer from top of battery £5 power stearing pump - £10 fuel rail - £15 mk1 arosa crash bar, it does have a small ding in the middle of it but its still good - £10 mk1 arosa wings ( pair ) - £40 inlet manifold ( non-egr ) for 1litre -£20 Audi TT BAM intercoolers - £35 mk1 arosa front pannel ( it does have a small crack in the corner of it but its fine - £20 all parts located in glasgow, can post most of it , all prices are not including postage
  5. ok so far the brakes are starting to bed in but finding you have to depress the pedal very far for some bite, so prob going to have to up the master cylinder to a TDi one cause im reconing ( the brakes were quite vague when we got the car ) that due to the bigger front brakes the master cylinder cant cope with the extra fluid required so on the hunt for a master cylinder
  6. send me a wee PM mate as ive had them in the shed for ages! they are out of the way and one wing still has the SEAT sticker on it lol!
  7. yup main roads only, however half the time they dont bother there arse so you just get used to driving using the feel of the car so you are alot more aware and you have to drive to the conditions. some reason the further south you go people forget when it snows you cant drive as fast and they just need to deal with that lol!
  8. you are in luck mate, if you want to come up, ive got a set of headlamps and a pair of wings
  9. i had my dads one for 6 months, avoid the 17's as they go through tyres like nobodys business as the side walls are tiny if you hit a bump they burst
  10. without wanting to sound smug here, but is it just me or is it impossible for these southern softies to drive in snow lol!
  11. mate, as much of an overhaul as Miss OLW's car has had, EVERYTHING has been done on the cheap! if you know where to look you can get away with never paying full price for anything! dont get me wrong, its still cost a wee bit but it could of been double
  12. the rear S badge is your boot handle so i wouldnt take it off unless you know how to put it back in mate as its a b*tch of a job
  13. miss OLW has said prob a 45mm drop on the cards and no more as its going to be a daily hack
  14. yup lol! but the more i think of it, all arosa's had the solid head rests and the Arosa S had both seats were height adjustable, so im thinking at some point in its life the car has had a lupo interior put in it.....
  15. the new seat next to the old one lol! damn dampness! turns out the original passenger seat did not have height adjustment in it but the new one does
  16. yup thats the interior out and the new one in just the door cards to do but it got dark! ill upload the pics
  17. just use a good spray on fabric glue we are doing the one in miss OLW's car ASAP
  18. thanks mate but the back ones are in good nick and the new fronts came with new rears as well so we have spairs lol!
  19. picked up the new interior tonight! granted its another light grey interior but still, its in good condition and the price was right! so that should be going in tomorow after work! so will get some pics then!
  20. mind you at the same time, i am VERY impressed at marvelt for using the search function, the world thanks you
  21. reminds me of a photo i took years ago when i had my DSLR and long hair hahah!
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