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Well Heres Mine!

Bought it around this time last year. having to travel to london for it! coming for from Guisborough(NE) near the bonny Middlesbrough

Car was standard.

At the moment only a handful of Mods

but in the next couple of months should be alot more going on now its summer and finally not a victim of the credit crunch anymore!

im more going for the motorsporty look although its far from yet

Mods so far ..

Weitec hicon gt Coilovers

LCR splitter (finally back on after the snowy period)

a pistonheads sticker aha

DUB plate GTI DUB used to have pressed plates but local piglets didnt agree after the 2nd time i got fed up

Drilled airbox ( got a polo gti one for free so cant complain!)

and a Stubby Aerial

Mods to go on..

G60 hangers just waiting on Brembo Max discs and Mintex 115 pads to arrive!

My Rims are somewhere in between Germany and UK expecting them next week!

Got a few things in mind im planning on keeping the car a while..

Sparco or momo steering wheel

some fancy bucket seats (nothing chav)

Exhaust with custom Manifold (4-2-1)

Rear ARB

Depending on how long i keep the car ITBS just love the pure rawness of them

and maybe a roll cage but thats a very long way off yet!

But ill keep updating as and when so keep check! smile.gif









Well theres my life story. Going back to the 'Ring this year in my brothers car so may post up a few pics from that trip!

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Looks a Nice clean GTI

Nice Plates wink.gif


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First time I've noticed this! Another local one to me. Can't say I've seen you about though.

Your car looks in mint condition in the first set of pics :)

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