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  1. Clairey

    Lupo GTI Bonnet

    I have there too big to upload on here I'll try send privately
  2. Clairey

    Lupo GTI Bonnet

    Got one with a few creases in lol!
  3. I've got one, but it has a slight crack in the paintwork under the headlight and holes in the bottom bumper due to fitting splitter to it
  4. I have this its a pain in the ass. What was your solution?
  5. Bargain!! I'm from Worcester....!
  6. I have this on the rears. I changed dics's pads and calipers and even handbrake cables and still got it. Sounds like it's sticking which I thought was handbrake cable but even after hanging them I'm still getting it. So confused!
  7. Has anyone ever used GAZ coilovers? I can't seem to find many Lupo reviews on them
  8. HA! Yes, tell me about it.... Luckily it's only little things but still! Trying to sort it all out..! Ookkkkk sounds an easy fix anyway !
  9. I have a problem with my drivers side lock. When I press the key drivers side just doesn't do anything! Passenger is fine. Have to open drivers side by inserting key to unlock. Same with locking I have to insert key to lock as it doesn't do it from the key. Is this just an issue with the lock mechanism? Can't think it would be the key if the passenger side is ok?
  10. I've gone for a second hand ballast from another GTi. Getting it replaced the weekend.. Dreading it haha! What bulbs does everyone use?
  11. Well I can't try until the weekend but thought there may be another way. What bulbs do you recommend? DS2
  12. Is there any way of telling apart from taking it apart and trying it? Lol. I'm getting a second hand ballast as VW wanted £351!!!! Looking into bulbs there's a lot of bulbs recommended for the GTi!
  13. No I brought Phillips bulbs can't remember which ones now but did a bit of research on them. Is there one you recommend?
  14. I changed my bulbs just over a year ago, both sides as left side had gone. This morning left side has gone completely. Last time it went a pink colour for a day but didn't see this happen.. Chances being the ballast? Is there any way in telling without removing half the car lol.. My main beam still works on that side but I know that's slightly different Any help appreciated ta!
  15. only a sealant?! Do they have any seals to replace?
  16. Really? I was hoping it would be that to be honest! I changed the gear box oil about 2 years ago and the oil is coming out clear, which I believe is a good sign...? Thanks for your help!
  17. I know this topic can get dragged around back and forth, but I still can't find exactly what I'm looking for. I have a slight issue with my gearbox at the moment, I have a slight leak which I can see from my passenger wheel (looking from) could it be a gasket? How many gaskets do the gearbox have? Is it a relatively an easy job..? Any help appreciated I'm kinda stuck!! Thankyou
  18. That's great thankyou! Do you have to take the bumper off to change it? I can't find any 'how to's' lol
  19. My one xenon has turned pink doing some research I've figured it's the bulb (i thought so anyway) But where's the best and cheapest place to get the bulbs? I found some H7 Phillips ones for 35..? I don't fancy going cheap eBay..! Any help appreciated!
  20. I don't have a strip fuse on my battery, that's polos only.. The light has gone off now.. So temperamental. I might just give the sensors a look at at the weekend... See how they are looking
  21. Well I'm changing my wheels the weekend so as I'm doing that I can give the sensors a good clean! Use anything on them or just a good dry rag?
  22. Ahh right! I guess it's just a call of trying a few things and keep clearing the light..?
  23. Right, I had some new tyres put on a few weeks ago, as soon as I drove off the ABS light was on, which to I assumed they must of knocked the sensor or something.. The light isn't on all the time it's now and again. When I was fitting my momo wheel today and my mechanic plugging it into vagcom to clear airbag light, the fault for the ABS came up saying hydraulic pump.. He was unsure as to what it could acctually be as like I said it came on as soon as my tyres were changed so the sensor, but he said it should of come up sensor if it was the sensor.. If that makes sence?! Anyway, I'm now confused as to what it may be! Any hints or tips? I've seen a few threads going round to quick fix's or finding out what the problem is etc.. Any help appreciated!!
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