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Sad day for people who own Focal Speakers

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Theres nothing wrong with quality in China. Some businesses knock stuff out at poor quality, but its not a problem that is endemic in the country. Pretty narrow minded to say its certainly a problem.

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Thanks :)

If Focal needs to move their production to china to be competetive in the lower price brackets, by making a better speaker for the same cost, or making the same speaker at a lower cost to stay competetive against the competing brands, I do not see a problem with that.

Focal amps are not even made by Focal, they are made by elettromedia (hertz/audison) for Focal, and my now sold Hertz EP series amps (same internals as Focal) were made somewhere in the far east (do not remember exact country).

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The chinese food from my local chinese take away is made by real chinese people , its good quality.

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