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  1. Now sold. Thanks for the interest. Jon
  2. Hello. Firstly, apologies for the poor form from me for abandoning this thread. I got completely side tracked by busy job and home life and returning to add photos completely passed me by. The photos are now attached. I'll PM the people who have got in touch with me and give them first refusal as that is only fair. I'll give them until Sunday, which is when I'm back at home and in a position to post them. In the meantime please contact me if you would like them. Jon
  3. Hello, I have the OEM Lupo roof racks for sale. Come with keys, all four cover and locking/adjustment tool. If photos are required then please let me know. £40 collected (from Worcester) or £50 posted. Jon
  4. OK. Now you've seen the photos can I give you any more info?
  5. I upgraded the brakes on my Lupo GTI to G60 size discs. This means that I have the original caliper carriers in my garage. They could do with a repaint but do include the pins (although the rubber has perished on a couple of them so should be replaced). I also have the OEM discs and pads left over from the conversion. They are not brand new but do have plenty of life left in them. I've stored them in a dry place so there is no destructive surface rust (it will polish off after a 20 miles or so) on the discs and the pads will tidy up with a very quick rub down with some sandpaper. I kept th
  6. Comes with all of the standard GTI kit - electric heated mirrors, xenons, lightened body panels etc. For photos see here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2001-VOLKSWAGEN-LUPO-GTI-BLACK-EXCELLENT-CONDITION-AND-HISTORY-/171753484298?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item27fd4e300a I've owned the car for six years and done around sixty thousand miles in it, taking it up to 113k. Its been a real pleasure. Its been serviced regularly and apart from service items disks and pads, filters etc. the only thing that it has needed is a battery, an alternator and a coil pack so its been really reliable. I'm onl
  7. Lupo GTI Engine Cover Has small crack on dimpled section but could be easily fixed. Can take photo if requested. Location: Worcester Postage: £10 Price: Free. If no takers will be going to tip next week.
  8. I have a good one waiting to go on a spare set of wheels but want to match it on the axle with another. I know they aren't that highly regarded on here so thought there might be some kicking around? I'm in Worcester but sometimes in Huddersfield so could do pick up from around these two places or somewhere inbetween. Jon
  9. northwick


    I take it the plastics are light grey (not dark like in GTIs and later sports and TDIs?)
  10. northwick


    Whats the interior like?
  11. The smaller lock barrel bit should come out for your to work on. If you are just fixing the lock you shouldn't need to remove the whole handle?
  12. Look in at the bit of the door that goes into the shut. There is a blanking plug above the latch. Remove it and use a hex/torx bit to loosen the screw off. Then the handle becomes looser so you can remove. DON'T undo it completely or it all falls apart and is a nightmare to reassemble.
  13. I had mine changed and it felt a lot better. It used to be slightly rough between first and second when very cold but now its fine. Just used the recommended spec oil.
  14. £67 delivered. By paypal gift please. Pm me for my paypal address
  15. northwick

    Boot spoiler

    Look in the for sale section. I have one. I'd link you but on phone so can't.
  16. No it doesn't. I'll estimate postage at £7 and if it's more I'll pick it up and if it's less I'll give you the difference back.
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