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12yan's Flash Red 1.0e VW Lupo


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Looking forward to seeing this car again this year i hope.

Hope its still going as good as ever!

Thanks mate, yeaa i like to try and make it a little better each year so should be even better :shades:

Sneaky Sneaky Sir :ninja: I am looking forward to seeing this again :wub: You still on for my interior before the show to catch up? :)

Thanks Tom, Interior booked in :thumbup:

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Love the car matey remember speaking to you at players 2011 about smoothing the rear light's :shades:

Just wondering where i can get meself one of them bee stings from ?

Hey, yessss i remember you :thumbsup:

Ariel in that Picture is a Honda S2000 one, Hope that helps

Thanks for the comments

Ryan :)

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P.S the new polo ones the same :)

Thanks Joe :thumbsup:

Any idea where i can pick one up cheap matey ?

Im not sure, i got mine off a a guy on ClubLupo

If its same as the new polo one, try Ebay ?

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Ryan........can I have a private moment with Larry? :D

Go ahead :paperbag: im not looking lol :lol:

PS, don't scratch him :coffee:

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This thread is longggg! :P

Lol :thumbup:

Just looooking at your Looooop in the VW Performance mag! Back from Nov.. loooks amazing! :D

:shades: Thank you

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Been looking for along time for this part :lol:

Finishing touch to my Boot

As i got it


Keyed up


Painted Grey to match my interior







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Twwwoooo moooorrrreeeee weeeeeekkkkssss my slippery banana! ^_^

Oh yesss :thumbup:

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