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Lupo 1.0 Not starting - Help!

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Wondering if somebody might be able to help point me in the right direction of where to start with diagnosing why my Lupo 1.0 wont start. Video here:


Sparkplugs have been changed within last few months. Has got enough fuel. The coolant was a little low so I topped that up. I used a scan tool to check and it came up with following:



It also showed EGR - Not Ready on the scan tool. Wondering if this could be something to do with it.


Any advice at all would be much appreciated!


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I'd be inclined to agree with Matty, check your battery voltage.

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Yeah, looks like battery connections aren't secure or you need a new battery. Should be over 12.3V (empty) or about 12.8V fully charged.

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Oh yeah, good call.  If the voltage is ok, take the leads off the battery and give the terminals a good scrub with a wire brush.  A previous car of mine would do similar to yours when trying to crank, was a bad battery contact


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