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  1. Stunning! These wheels set Lupo GTI's off so well 👌
  2. Yeahthey are the ones, Not sure if you need H4. Someone else might be able to confirm that
  3. Osram nightbreaker laser. Have the xenon versions in my Gti. Put 2 sets of halogen ones in other cars and the performance of them is unreal.
  4. Have you tried getting gears without the engine runnning? If you can get gears fine with the engine running this would indicate a clutch issue.
  5. Sounds like a synchro issue. Take the box out yourself and someone will be able to refurbish it for you.
  6. I put 195/45 Uniroyal rain sport 3's on my Gti. No complaints since Toyo proxies are the worse tyres I've experienced.
  7. Great video and review You've made a cracking car Clayton! 👍
  8. Did you have any problems after fitting? I've fit some to my drivers window today and now it no longer goes up.
  9. Who doesn't want a set 😂. Doubt you'll find anyone wanting to sell a set and if you do it'll be expensive.
  10. Looking good. Videos of the exhaust would be nice ?
  11. Where can i find those? Didn't realise it was a problem until i saw this.
  12. GLWS. Seen this in person once and it blew me away with how clean it looked.
  13. Rechecked. 85c one side 75c the other but only 44 coming out of the vents. Going to check the temp flap on the heater box to see if its jammed or not going to it most warm position
  14. Common issue? Fit a heater temp control to flap cable a while ago but nothing changed
  15. Man's bloody frozen! 65c in one side of matrix. 50c on the other side with fan speed 2.
  16. I own a Grey GTi. 52plate but on a 3 chassis.
  17. Hi guys. My heater blower isn't very hot. Its warm but not hot. Just wondering if anyone could tell me the temp coming from there vents on there car so i can compare. Mines a 2002 GTI. No engine temp issues. Blower flap for heater is moving correctly. Suspicions points me towards a blocked heater matrix. Thanks in advance!
  18. This was used. And about a month ago it popped up for sale.
  19. Janspeed all the way. Plenty of videos so you know what its going to sound like. Personally don't like custom as you'll never know what it sounds like until you've paid and drove away. Tough to find a janspeed, I've been looking for 2 years. last one was £200 and snapped up in minutes with 4 others waiting for the sale to fall through!
  20. Them wheels look spot on. Standard bathursts are great but these are even better! What suspension you running and how much you lowered by?
  21. Seen some go for 5-6k depending on history and mileage
  22. Well too cheap for a anthracite! GLWS
  23. The loom may look OK but you could still have a wiring issue. Or the Engine ECU can no longer read the signal from the G28. Don't loose hope though it can be fixed. Had a 106 Gti myself. Such a nightmare car aswell the lupo is in a different league.
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