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Clucth Over-centre spring


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Im after a clutch return spring

part number 6N2 721 403

I believe they are the same on

Lupo GTI

Lupo TDI

Arosa TDI

Polo 6n2 TDI

Anyone got one of these or breaking any of the models above?

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Thought so, confirmed looking at ETKA.

At least there is some chance of getting one... The only thing I am now finding with the GTI's is literally everything is obsolete from VW!

Nope, tried the zip tie trick but slipped. Found the spring and 1 plastic half (which is cracked) and the other is somewhere in the garage never to be found... lol

Might look at getting the special vw tool (3317) to help get it back in. 

The reason it is out is because I had to weld up the pedal, common vw fault apparantly 

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Hi I have a lupo tdi that I'm breaking I believe that clutch pedal in it was working fine I could tryn remove it if your interested. 

Thanks Coll 

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I finally have a clutch again! Managed to source a spring locally.

Got the 3371 tool but is far to big lol, luckily got it for not too much.

So had to try the zip tie trick again. 2 zip ties nice and tight around the spring and twisted tight with pliers.

Then i still had to compress it a little to get into place. Once in place used a set of small side cutters and stanley knife to cut the zip ties.


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