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Lupo rear wiper motor needed

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It might be that the pipe has simply popped off the spigot. I've seen that a few times on various vdubs of the same generation now. If it is, pop it back on and wrap some solid wire around it with a pair of pliers or something so it's nice and tight.

After I rebuilt one of my Lupos, I recently had the exact same issue with screen wash pouring out of the tailgate into the wheel well. First thought was same as you- "Damned vdub rear wiper motors!"- It was just that it had come off... 

Although @LR5V is right- hopefully not the little brass tube running up the centre of the wiper shaft- they snap when the screenwash gets between the outside of the brass tube and the inside of the output shaft- and freezes like concrete. You operate the rear wiper and snap... great design. SMH.

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Yes - good point on the baggy hose - it reminded me of my Mk4, it had a short length of hose that had softened and got loose - I just replaced it with some silicone hose and cable tied it.

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No easy way out if it has broken. There is a mod you can do, but the spray moves with the arm. Stupid design, just to be cool.

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On 12/31/2020 at 3:35 PM, Ray Singh said:

All - I am looking for the rear wiper motor for my daughters Lupo, it has the dreaded leak and this water sprays inside the boot lid and onto the catch mechanism.


i might have one front an old boot lid i did a swap on... are you still in need? PM me 

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