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SOLD****1.0 2002 Fresco SE

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Sale of Lupo. Poverty spec despite  being an SE.

Clean enough inside and out but rust coming through on wings.

Recently had plugs, coil, exhaust from manifold back, rear shock and check strap.

Tyres ok, wheels ok.

Putts a little sometimes, was told it was egr but I don't want to look into that as it runs well enough and there's no lights on.

Good cheap entertaining run around with a fresh years MOT.

I'm keeping the wheel.

£550 or £500 and you can offer £500 to feel you get a better deal.






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6 hours ago, danno said:

I’ve got 2 more Frank don’t worry just yet haha.

Ah, ok, yeah i forgot... I've just about got another one of mine road ready. Might have a mini cruise here if i insure them all!

Today's jobs were fitting a dashcam, changing the thermostat and flush, new coolant, check the wierd gearbox linkage behind the engine. Yup, need some new parts. The little plastic rod link and the rubber bellows had split (like they do on every 085 gearbox fitted car). And trace a small leak- it's the left rear tailight cluster seal. Sigh. Job for next weekend.

@Rich told me a few weeks back that you were selling the green one and was I interested... It looks lovely. I can see the kiddie seat next to the car on the ground. Kinda tells us why it's being moved on :)


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I’ve got a longer list than my arm at any given moment. 
He didn’t mean this green one, my fresco tdi will be going eventually as well as the black sdi. Oh no I’ll be keeping the kiddie seat a few more years yet.

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