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2004 Lupo GTI - Anthracite Grey

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Okay, bit of an abrupt sale but a house we really want is about to come to market and i need to flush out the luxuries! Hence the sale of my Lupo GTI, just completed an amazing trip over the Lecht which made me fall more in love with it! But needs must. 

• 2004 Lupo GTI
• 6 Speed
• 70,000 Miles
• MOT May 2020
• Timing belt + clutch replaced 10k miles ago - Receipts for both
• Just serviced with Synta oil, VW filters and VW spark plugs
• New pads, EBC Yellow Stuff
• New Halfords battery still with warranty
• Loads of paperwork and receipts included.
• Original VW book, manuals and 2 remote keys.

The previous owner had this for 6 years and has had STACKS of receipts for work - he covered only 10k miles over the 6 years.

It is very original with even the original VW air compressor in the boot.

Please note all original VW items included in sale for the below modifications.

• KW V1 coilovers installed (~£800 new)

• KAM racing exhaust manifold (decat) - (~£680 new)

• KAM racing exhaust system (twin exit) - (~£480 new)

• Alpine WR502R double din head unit. It has the correct fascia installed to make it look factory fit

• Team HEKO wind deflectors

Bad points:
• Very slight ding in nearside wing, just above quarter panel indicator. It's not noticeable as no paint has been chipped at all and i'd imagine it's easily fixable but it never bothered me.

• Age related marks around the car (very small scuff front right corner of bumper - probably buff out!)

• Spoiler paint could do with being redone. You don't really notice it, it's all the same colour as the car it's just not great. Brake light works fine though. 

• Wheels not perfect, presentable but could do with a light refurb.

All in all this is a great car, in the rarest colour (only 33 ever made!). Tried to be as honest as possible but happy to answer questions. 

Location: Inverness (can be collected from Edinburgh potentially), can be collected from train station/airport in Inverness

Price: £4750 - cash or bank transfer on collection








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That's going to be a fantastic car for the next owner,good luck with the house try and get it for 5k less!

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Nice. What's it all like underneath? Rear beam, front suspension, sills... I discovered this to my horror the other day while doing a gearbox refurb just for fun. I thought my car was mint! Once you see a tiny pinhole and you start poking about this is the result-



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Ouch! Commiserations Frank - hope you don't find anymore of this and repairs will not be too laborious/expensive. Good luck. D

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Yeah already fixed. Seam welded five 2mm thick plates all over, all nicely shaped to fit perfectly. Can hardly tell it's been welded till you look closely. Rich has a spare subframe in his shed I might have if I can't find a donor car. Ideally I'll swap it. And I honestly thought my silver SDI was just about perfect. Even the rear arches and sills are still like new (ok so I stripped and resprayed them just in case a while back...). The other side of the subframe is still like new, with tiny amounts of surface rust. When Fritz in the factory was pumping in the wax, I think he forgot the LHS! I'm now paranoid about rust......

I hate welding above my head. No amount of protection keeps the sparks out 100%.

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Cheers for the replies - the house that we were going to go for has already been sold annoyingly, but on the plus side it means i don't have to sell this on a whim.

I'll keep a hold of it a bit longer, i have some plans for it once i finish the Mini, probably next year. 

Just got back from a big road trip in it through the hills, amazing fun! 

I haven't poked around this car yet, i'd like to drop the rear beam out and front subframe and clean everything up, have it all powder coated etc and fix the little bits mentioned in my advert. So we will see if i keep it long enough to get round to it. Hopefully it doesn't look like that, it's very easy to get carried away with a screwdriver as i've found out! Although i'd have no issue fixing it myself and would probably enjoy doing so.

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I notice you have decided to keep the car for now but please contact me if and when you decide to move it on I am very interested and happy to wait. Been hunting for another GTi and it has to be this colour for me. Please message me if you do decide to part ways with it.all the best, Josh

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