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  1. Cheers for the replies - the house that we were going to go for has already been sold annoyingly, but on the plus side it means i don't have to sell this on a whim. I'll keep a hold of it a bit longer, i have some plans for it once i finish the Mini, probably next year. Just got back from a big road trip in it through the hills, amazing fun! I haven't poked around this car yet, i'd like to drop the rear beam out and front subframe and clean everything up, have it all powder coated etc and fix the little bits mentioned in my advert. So we will see if i keep it long enough to get round to it. Hopefully it doesn't look like that, it's very easy to get carried away with a screwdriver as i've found out! Although i'd have no issue fixing it myself and would probably enjoy doing so.
  2. Okay, bit of an abrupt sale but a house we really want is about to come to market and i need to flush out the luxuries! Hence the sale of my Lupo GTI, just completed an amazing trip over the Lecht which made me fall more in love with it! But needs must. • 2004 Lupo GTI • 6 Speed • 70,000 Miles • MOT May 2020 • Timing belt + clutch replaced 10k miles ago - Receipts for both • Just serviced with Synta oil, VW filters and VW spark plugs • New pads, EBC Yellow Stuff • New Halfords battery still with warranty • Loads of paperwork and receipts included. • Original VW book, manuals and 2 remote keys. The previous owner had this for 6 years and has had STACKS of receipts for work - he covered only 10k miles over the 6 years. It is very original with even the original VW air compressor in the boot. Modifications: Please note all original VW items included in sale for the below modifications. • KW V1 coilovers installed (~£800 new) • KAM racing exhaust manifold (decat) - (~£680 new) • KAM racing exhaust system (twin exit) - (~£480 new) • Alpine WR502R double din head unit. It has the correct fascia installed to make it look factory fit • Team HEKO wind deflectors Bad points: • Very slight ding in nearside wing, just above quarter panel indicator. It's not noticeable as no paint has been chipped at all and i'd imagine it's easily fixable but it never bothered me. • Age related marks around the car (very small scuff front right corner of bumper - probably buff out!) • Spoiler paint could do with being redone. You don't really notice it, it's all the same colour as the car it's just not great. Brake light works fine though. • Wheels not perfect, presentable but could do with a light refurb. All in all this is a great car, in the rarest colour (only 33 ever made!). Tried to be as honest as possible but happy to answer questions. Location: Inverness (can be collected from Edinburgh potentially), can be collected from train station/airport in Inverness Price: £4750 - cash or bank transfer on collection
  3. This was all in aid of going to Volksfling last weekend, so here's some shots of us loaded up leaving from my house in Beauly, to Edinburgh. Then some shots of the show itself, some really amazing cars there of all styles. Needless to say i'm in love with air cooled buses. Everything got a good solid clean at my parents in Edinburgh before the show!
  4. Got a few things done to the car recently, just small bits but still - it makes a difference. The main thing was to tidy up the small screws and bolts around the car that were rusting fairly badly. Namely the arch liner screws and the slam panel bolts. Before: After: I picked up these from Banggood - £6 for the bag of 20, dare i say it by the weight and appearance they are actually stainless too. I also removed this bracket and gave it a quick dusting of satin black paint. At some stage i'll likely get all these brackets off and powder coat them, but for now here's a before and after Chucked on some new VW wiper blades too - i use RainX too and forgive the phrase but it gives the best wipe ever.💩 Final result (still need to tidy up some brackets, and actually clean) with some heavy use of silicon spray
  5. Cheers, i think i'll keep it but likely have plans to have a cat welded in and perhaps a small centre silencer. It does look really well made though, can't say the same for the original one i have in the shed.
  6. Looks amazing, i was straight on to messaging them after you told me about it. Fingers crossed they are open to making more...
  7. dougie1142

    GTI Upgrades

    @LR5V Just read the entire thread, it provides some really great ideas. A few frustrations, especially the rust (your pics aren't working..). I hope you overcome them, i'm down in Edinburgh quite a lot, would be good to catch up. My lupo was at Volksfling last weekend, not sure if you made it?
  8. Well.. he does have a nice car, Blue Loop, watch out 😂
  9. Love another anthracite. Very clean too! I might be over your neck of the woods later this year or next year, we should get them both parked up together for some photos and you can show me the good roads
  10. I'm glad I'm not the only one that finds the pedal layout not great! I never even thought about getting an extension. Is this something available off the shelf?
  11. Thanks man, it was local yeah. I believe it's been here for 6 years, before that i'm not sure - may have been down south. It's had the number plate changed obviously. I have a sale receipt from 2 owners ago, i'll dig it out and see where it was. Good point! I will be pricing up having a cat fitted, and perhaps a centre silencer. # Unless anyone wants to buy KAM racing manifold from me and i will sort out another one? OUCH that is rough!! I was thinking around the £200 mark. At least you can still get them. I think the problem is it absorbs water. I painted mine over the weekend, however it's already started to bubble and it's been 2 or 3 days since i did it. Not ideal.. Maybe if i took it off and soaked it in rice or something (long shot i know!) it would get the water out of the material, then i could seal it and paint it. Hmmmm..... Nice car btw, do love them in black! I did get some photos of it recently, but i'll wait until i get a chance to tidy it up first. I replaced some fixings in the engine bay, slam panel and repainted a bracket that was going a little orange. Also chucked some new VW aeroblades on.
  12. Cheers Davy, the colour is really nice when it's clean! I'm not envious of owning a black car for cleaning reasons, but the Lupo does suit the black a lot! The wheels are really nice, my old Lupo never had them on when i bought it so this is my first experience, when i picked it up and it was on the Bathursts I just fell in love. They could do with being tidied up, and i REALLY need to find centre caps or centre VW logo stickers. Do you know if you can still get the cente caps new from VW? Going to get some work done on it this weekend, i ordered up a lot of new fixings and also got the spoiler off last night so will try and repaint this weekend. Need to get the crank and pistons in the Mini engine though so time will be tight
  13. Thanks for the comments @Silver! Do you mind me asking where you sourced your spacers? I've heard the rears can require a little chamfer extension but if I can find some that don't require that even better. Now you've got me pricing up more bits 😁
  14. dougie1142


    No problem. For anyone else interested it's 25/26th May, in Biggar, Scotland.
  15. Cracking update Clayton. Cars a big inspiration to us all!
  16. Thank @Skajme. I saw on your black car you managed 20mm on the rear, perhaps i'll do that and go 15mm at the front. How did yours drive with spacers?
  17. Cracking looking car and thread, thoroughly enjoyed reading it and i'll certainly be taking some of your ideas forward. The wheel looks amazing in the car!
  18. First up with the new car was servicing - normally the first thing to do when purchasing a new car. Thankfully the owner provided me with VW oil filters and 2 sets of VW spark plugs. I purchased some 5W40 oil from TPS (£13.30/5L!!!!!!!) and off we go. I also gave the car a quick clean up, not the full wash i was hoping for as i didn't have all my gear with me, however it'll do. Now some of the eagle eyed will have noticed that the rear spoiler is needing attention, i'm not sure how but the paint has completely stripped off the underside and flaking off the top. Needless to say i've ordered some paint up and i'm going to try and paint it this weekend coming if the weather holds out. I've also been bothered by the engine bay, notably the screws and bolts along the slam panel, they are a bit orange for my liking. It's a similar story for the arch liner screws. I've ordered up some new ones and i'm hoping they'll also arrive by the weekend. So that's all for this time - while i save for some wheels i'm really tempted to get some 15mm spacers just to fill the arches a little bit. I can't be bothered with rolling arches again, and i really don't want any rubbing so i think i can get away with 15mm front and rear. To be continued..
  19. Hi all, Well i had my Lupo up for sale briefly, but i decided against it. My other project will just have to slow down a little to accompany running both at the same time. I've already sold one Lupo GTI and i don't want to sell another - certainly not in my favourite specification. So a little about the car, i aquired it not too long ago - on a bit of whim. Having owned a Lupo GTI a few years previous, i noticed one of my neighbours had this car sitting down the side of his house. At this time i wasn't too familiar with Anthracite cars, and initially thought he had it painted. On researching it i realised this was a rare colour, and when i found out it had only covered 68k miles i was very interested. It turned out the owner was a friend of a friend, so i probed the question and a few months later here i am the owner. The car has a few choice modifications; KWV1 coilovers (VERY impressed with these as on my last GTI i had cheapies fitted and it was horrible) KAM Racing decat manifold + KAM midpipe and backbox. Now this is super loud, its a bit too much for me in all honesty so i will either put this back to stock or have a company weld in a 200cell CAT and perhaps a middle silencer, time will tell Alpine double din W502R head unit The car initially looked like this; Now i loved the look, but i knew these weren't the wheels for me and the owner wanted to keep them which was fine by me. So i purchased the car on the stock Bathurst alloys, wheels i never had on my old Lupo. Now i've seen them on the anthracite car i actually really like them - i love silver wheels and they really pop against the anthracite. I will get them refurbed at some stage, but for now they will do wrapped in Toyo Proxies (not my tyre choice but again, it will do). So here is how i picked the car up; I was super happy with it, it brought back a lot of memories and being a little older i have more of a path for the car. I want to keep it clean, i want to improve it rather than go over the top. I do really like the OEM+ style, however i do want to improve the performance and driving experience. A few things on my list would be things such as Wilwood's, subframe refurbishment, new OEM bushings where possible, braided hoses etc. You see the idea. I have recently become a lot more interested in detailing, it's really struck a chord with me and perhaps a little bit of OCD. Between this car and my other halfs Cooper S (below), i plan to share my experiences and product experiences. And the other project i was talking about is my 1965 Morris Mini Minor, a car i've had for a long time now and is more recently being rebuilt. It's been painted and reassembly has begun. The engine has just been rebored to 1330 and is being rebuilt as we speak (when i get time!). Cheers
  20. dougie1142


    Anyone going to be there this year? I'll be there in the GTI on Saturday. Happy to meet with anyone and everyone.
  21. Hi all, Lurking for a while, thought i should introduce myself. I live in Inverness, Scotland. I own a 2004 Anthracite Lupo GTI with 68k on the clock. She has a KAM racing decat manifold, KAM racing full system and KWV1 coilovers fitted. I'm going to start a project thread on here and keep track of the progress for my own benefit mainly! I also own a 1965 Mini, which has just been painted and had the engine reworked to 1330. In the final stages of assembly of that too. Cheers
  22. Please delete. Mind changed!
  23. As the title suggests, My Lupo every so often (doesn't happen every day) will cut out at traffic lights during idle. Nothing is pressed, the clutch is out, no indicators on, not in gear, handbrake on etc etc. I can't figure it out, it's only started doing it recently. The only way i've found to get it going again (If you try to start it the engine just turns over - doesn't spark) is to take the key out, open the bonnet, close the bonnet and put the key in and let all ignition lights go off before starting it. Very irritating, but it drives spot on the rest of the time - no loss of power, no weird idle blah blah blah. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Cheers guys
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