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So I’ve been a member on here for a few months now, never really posted much. I bought the Lupo for £450, had a few mechanical problems, I broke the gearbox when I first started driving so had my dad sort that. I wasn’t really going to do much to the car as I didn’t really think I’d keep if for a long time. Slowly started adding stickers to the back and thought that’s all that I’d do as I didn’t think it was worth spending much on a £450 car. Here he is today, haven’t finished with him at all. I bought a few things and before I knew it he’s completely different to how he was when I first bought him. Haven’t really got many photos of the “in-between” stages. But he was a standard Lupo 1.4s. Nothing more, now he’s a little more exciting.


So here he is just after I bought him. As standard as you can get.


This is about half a year later, as you can see, quite a bit has changed. (Lowered, modded lights/ indicators , Tarantula alloys, wind deflectors, a load of other stuff I can’t think of.)



Rear end, partially smoked and yellow tinted lights, wiper blank, stickers.


Pressed plates.




Still a load to be done, spacers are on their way for the rears, fronts will then be done eventually, got some plans for the steering wheel to be changed and hopefully straight through exhaust at some point, body work needs some attention and the wheels need a good refurb.


oh and here’s the gearstick and gator.


14B33F42-E036-4C17-8C5D-D63A90B35704.jpegCherry/Pro Bomb fitted. Mainly bought for the fact it’ll annoy the people that live nearby.

25mm Rear Spacers fitted also.




Still need to get passenger side rear wheel painted gold, along with returning the others.

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A quick update, came off a kerb too quick without thinking, splitter came off one side and I screwed back on, didn’t worry too much, checked it this morning to find a massive crack down one side... 


Did a bit of fixing with cable ties, nothing wrong with a little war-wound. (Photos in reverse)




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So the doorcards have been in this state for the past few weeks after I removed them for my brother to paint the handle and switch holders, after he finally got round to doing it, this is how they turned out!78824B28-7A8D-4637-8EAD-268C5392AB35.jpeg




I was tempted to re-upholster the doorcards in a cream leather or something similar but decided against it after reading how so many people regretted changing their doorcards too much! 


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Bought myself some centre caps from eBay, they aren’t the original trantula centre caps but I personally prefer them. I broke one of them up pretty badly as they fit super tight so have ordered another set to have them all the way round. Will probably find another use for the broken one. Definitely need to give the wheels a good tidy up at some point when I have the spare P.  They’ve been kerbed to hell since I first bought them, gladly, I’ve yet to contribute to the kerbing myself... Touch wood.E1AB3DD7-08CC-4661-B5F8-48B14708361C.jpeg



E17D816C-197F-4146-BAA3-E364CD7BB140.jpegAlso, here’s a close-up of the flake in the gold paint on door handles.


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I didnt like your splitter in the 1st pic of it but a few pics later and I did. I like this car, dont ruin it by going lower. You can run taller tyres on your 13s as well for less arch gap.

Reading about your dad helping you out made me reminisce about my old man, sadly he never showed me anything, never taught me anything, protected his tools like they were the crown jewels and so pretty soon I was the one fixing his vehicles with my own tools as a teenager. Maybe there was some wisdom in his method after all. 

Carry on....


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I haven’t really done much to the Lupo for a while, still no further with the steering wheel just yet. Added a few more stickers to the back and managed to pick myself up some Cambridge Lights for a good price. Still not sure which lights I prefer the look of on the car at the moment, but really not the most difficult of things to change about.

Either way I’m happy to say I now own a pair of Cambridge lights.






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