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Greetings from the Canada!

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Hey guys! I just found a red 2004 Lupo GTI! Having a hard time not pulling the trigger on this one! 

Question: what grade of petrol does it require? All we have is 87 octane locally which is the same as your 91 RON.

04 lupo.jpg

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The new tyres are working out just fine, no rubbing and just a little off on the speedo. We took Franklin for a spin out west (10 hours one way) at the weekend to see the grand babies. He did just fin

It will be a while before we see it too, 6 weeks on the boat from Japan, A week clearing customs in Vancouver, then another week and a half on the train to Calgary where it has to be inspected before

I reckon that'll be just about the smallest car on the road.... i can't wait for pics of it parked in a mall parking lot perfect for the delivery run though.

Posted Images

Now stop it. You have enough Lupos! I mean, where is the next nearest to your's on your side of the planet?

If you do get another, it just has to be the left hand drive version, so you can run it against all those tanks out there (and win). It wouldn't look any different to being on a german autobahn then.

I wouldn't worry about the fuel rating. There's a knock sensor which tweaks the ignition point. But ultimately, if it can't pull in the timing at wide open throttle, you could just bung in a restrictor ring to choke it a bit. Or add a resistor to the temp sensor to make it slightly richer (quench action).

PM me the link to the Jap site. Just curious to read the details...

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Ya sure, send you the link indeed! You just want to get the jump on me is all! 😒

I am concerned because our Forester has a rattle now that I think is piston slap or possibly a cracked piston skirt. We have not been religious about using premium and mostly use a octane boost additive.


2004 Volkswagen Lupo GTI 113,000km - B-Pro Auto JDM Imports (b-pro.ca)

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Nothing you can't sort out I'd guess.... :)

Is importing RHD Jap cars a thing in Canada? It seems relatively common here in the UK, as they drive on the same side as the UK. But in Canada? This broker is Canadian... for Jap cars. Seems so odd. 

It's like you see a fair few yank tanks in Europe (with mods to make them comply with EU rules), as they drive on the same side of the road. A "left hooker" is generally worth a fair bit less here in the UK. 

Wouldn't you prefer a German car, or even better from southern Spain, where there's little rain and no winter road salt?

Your Lupo is used for deliveries and has an Auto box from memory? Makes perfect sense.

One of my Mk2 golfs is a LHD thing. I get scared like a girl when I need to overtake a truck on a windey road...!

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Yes it is a thing here in Canada among the rice burner performance crowd. There are cars and engine options off the show room floors over there that were never offered here. Some of the factory Nisan, Subaru and Mazda cars that show up from there are stupid fast! What I like about thier cars is there is a marvellous selection of small fuel efficient ones that are not available here. I hate these huge fuel guzzling boat anchor barges that pass for cars in this country!

Yes my wife does deliver mail and RHD suits the job perfectly. I am thinking of flogging the Subaru on the used car market and the second Lupo would take it's place as back up for the wife's job. And maybe a bit of sporty buzzing around too? 😊

There are two situations that make me nervous with driving a RHD car here. Passing as you mentioned. The Lupo is not a problem with this as the only thing it can overtake is farm machinery But the Forester with it's 246 HP 2.0L engine was a whole different ball game! The other is left hand turns on a busy multi lane road. Seeing what's coming past other traffic from the wrong seat is a game of chance at best. One relies heavily on the co-pilot in both cases. 

A left hand drive would be sweet too but it would be no better than our present Jetta on the mail route.


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This post has nothing to do with Franklin, my son rolled his Golf TDI and sold it for parts to a school friend so being the gullible Dad I am I made the 980Km one way trip to bring it back for his Buddy. Some here seem to like our mountain scenery and there was lots of that on this trip. First, the unfortunate victim. Then some of the scenery. It was quite mild for this time of year, coldest encountered was -26C at the top of one of the passes. -45C is not uncommon there.

And one of the snow sheds built built to let the avalanches pass over the road without shutting the traffic down.









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Now that is some classy scenery. Not fair. Just fields and housing estates here (mostly).

At least it was a mk4 which is built like a tank. Hopefully no injury?

Bet your son's friend was pleased for free delivery! :)


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