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Might need a new clock display soldered in. Nothing too complicated really.

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i ripped it apart yesterday and replaced the clock display but still doesn't show correct.

I cant confirm the old one works but I'm pretty confident it did.

Can you purchase the clock separate?

Take it I'm going to have to replace the LED light as well

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3 hours ago, Mr.Badbrains said:

Display is not soldered in ;)

Really? I thought the whole lot was soldered in?

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there will be a soldered joint that is failing, look at the pins where the plugs connect to the instrument cluster, theres pictures in one of my thread showing what a failed soldered joint looks like, last cluster i repairs had 6 out of the 8 pins failing (was on a polo and was affecting the immobilser, working perfectly since repair)

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Up date on this... PCB has water damage and has damaged some traces. So had a go at fixing but the traces are really small and there was a bit to fix. In the end it was unsuccessful. 


So i now need new clocks.

I have the old style sport white clocks which revs to 7k whereas many others only rev to 6k


Can i just replace the background to the new clocks and get the mileage adjusted? 

(Clocks are interchangeable and not paired with the ECU)

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allthough its hard for me to see from the photo a trace is just a means of connection from one component to another, nothing stopping you bypassing the trace and just joining with a fine wire, on the plus side ebay seems to be full of intrument clusters

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