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Selector Seal Replacement...

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As per the title

I'm getting the odd drip of oil on my drive , I've tracked it from the seal on the selector shaft <_<

Do we have an on board 'How To' for this task? Any pics available?

Possible to complete with gearbox in situ?

I'm assuming that it's simply a case of car up on stands, removing the bolt from the selector linkage(size 10 bolt?) pop the old seal out using a sharp screwdriver or bradal & fit the new seal pushing in by hand? Is it necessary to drop the oil from the box?

@Skezza @mk2 @Rich any words of wisdom? Thanks in advance chaps.

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you're on it.

Google polo gti, they share near enough the same box and the procedure is similar.

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Thanks chap.

Even for the Polo Gti, 'How to' guides seem thin on the ground TBH.

I have found this video guide fro a Mk2 polo though...

Admittedly its seems to have been filmed using a potato, but I'm assuming this is also an 085 box and other than the fact it's attached to a Polo it's pretty much the same?

Also, is it good practice to drop the box oil first?



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that would be the same.

I have done three of these, never have I bothered to drop the oil, jacking angle must have put the oil elsewhere.

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least the seal is cheap at vw.

shame you can't just pikey one out a scrappy......

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Done and dusted, unfortunately the job turned into a complete nightmare.

After 16 years and 132k the old seal had all but welded itself into the gearbox casing -_- After hours of trying to release it  I lost my temper and tried to simply bash the new seal in on top of the old but no luck. Of course by this stage I'd punctured the old seal and by now it was leaking oil fairly badly it was going to have  to come out.

After a trip to VW to pick up  another seal (I'd damaged the replacemement I had trying to hammer it in over the old one) I thought I may as well pick the brains of one of the techs there for tips in how to remove the stuck item only to be cheerfully told that they advise to leave well alone unless the leaking is catastrophic in it's proportions, and that they find that in 50% of the ones they do the selector shaft gets scored/damaged and require gearboxes to be opened to replace :unsure:

Returned home, spent another two hours and broke three seperate seal picks, two of which left the metal ends that had broken off in the now mangled seal. About half an hour after this and after having invented several new swear words I eventually got the seal out after drilling, screwing in a self tapper and carefully/slowly pulling out with pliers (Third attempt.)

Here's a pic of the offending article...


I carefully looked over the selector shaft before fitting the new seal and all looked well, touch wood still no leaks yet either.

I'm afraid all plans to write a 'How to' on this dissolved once I'd realised what a pig of a job this had become, but I'd offer a tip to future Lupo bodgers who may stumble across this thread, drain the gearbox oil first! In circumstances where to old part refuses to budge a steady dripping of gearbox oil through the perforated seal makes removal much more difficult.


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On 05/01/2018 at 4:43 PM, Rich said:

selector seal buddies, Joey will be pleased.

Brothers in arms ;)

5 hours ago, Marc marc said:

I'm doing mine dude in a couch replace so gear box will be off should be easier lol


With hindsight screws work far better than trying to use picks...

I assume you mean you plan to do it as part of a clutch job rather than a 'couch replace' :D If so then yes, the job will be a breeze with the 'box removed. Lying under a car on stands, torch in mouth with a steady drip of gear oil dribbling your face for hours on end is much less fun.

Just make sure you don't score/or damage the the shaft or the housing that the seal sits in and all will be good.


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All done took 20 mins with box off 

I tried the 2 screws way and failed so I used a large sharp nail taped sideways in the holes I drilled and lever'd of slowly 

When I heard it pop it was a grate feeling lol 

New clutch and box back on and I'm away 

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