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Lupo GTi 1.8T - Flash Red


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Ok guys, I didn't want to have to do this but my other car is requiring big funds. I am breaking this 1.8T converted GTi:


Alot of time and money has been spent, all parts are in very good condition (was a show car). Panels all look like new due to not turning a wheel in anger since respray (Flash red). Worth reading the linked thread for detailed pictures of certain parts etc.. more photos can be provided. The interior is in very good condition, no sagging/creases etc...

Not sure of part values (keep in mind most are in excellent condition if not as new) so i've made a list based on what i have seen for sale/sold:

Custom interior, Recaro rear bench, Recaro CS Sportsters in the front, all door cards, headrests, dash, centre console, boot cover, all retrimmed in red/black leather with red stitching + Matching Momo steering wheel - As a package £1600
Rayvern Air suspension custom built for GTi, with V2 Management £1200
W3 EVW (W3E VW) - £250 including transfer fees 

Panel Paint as new (LP3G - Flash RED)
Front Wings - £120 Each 
Bonnet - £140 
Front Bumper, smoothed (inc. headlight washers) with grills, top and bottom with badge £150 
Rear Bumper - £130 (Smoothed and finished with small numberplate recess
Boot Lid with fitted Mk7 Polo handle & black Spoiler - £250
Black Wing Mirrors with stubby- £90
Doors with glass - £130 Each 

Glass pop out rear - £35
Exhaust system, 3” Custom manifold back (decat)- £200
Headlights - £250
Spotlights X2 - £25 Each
Cambridge rear lights - £90
Red Seatbelts - £150
Clocks - £40
Rear Beam powder coated and Calipers/disc/pads - £150
Front axle powder coated - £80
Front Brake Calipers and Discs/pads - £100
Headlining all handles, sun visors, grab handle - £120
Engine (18k, AGU) with O2J Gearbox, driveshafts, custom loom, custom manifold - (To be sold last)

Collection from Bournemouth, may post if really necessary












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Want a few things, but is there any way you can post a image if the front bumper. 

If it's all good, i'll have the front and back bumpers off you, assuming there still available?

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