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  1. I have some if you still need them?
  2. Decided to keep this in the end, put it through it's MOT yesterday and increasing the limited mileage on the policy today. Such a fun car to drive around the roads of Rutland.
  3. If I get time & weather permits it'll be machine polished, but that's unlikely as my dog has had an operation on its leg and needs constant supervision.
  4. I'll get 'as is' photos on my day off (Wednesday) The car is underneath a car cover & is very rarely driven so the condition really won't change much if at all. It's a single driveway as I said, so photos aren't the easiest to take, more so as I work 03:30-18:00. The wife took a couple today but you'll see there isn't much room as we leave space for the bins too pass on one side. Bumper damage also below.
  5. Can also chuck in the spare set on Xenons we have & the other 15" alloys with 1100 mile old Nokian winter tyres too.
  6. Its sold now. Ania is heartbroken and regrets it already. Especially when the brake discs on the abarth retail at £500+ and need replaced after 38k! The new owner is very lucky, 'Lupek' was cherished more than any other car, although the Porsche is becoming very spoilt as of late with all the parts I'm replacing!
  7. Flew through it's MOT only needing a sidelight & deposit taken.
  8. Maybe a bit late, would you sell the whole thing?
  9. My friends Lupo GTi isshowing -45 degrees on the dash for outside tempeture. What sensor is this, and where is it located? Regards
  10. Just caught this thread browsing before work - Worked a treat, thanks
  11. Car hadnt moved for 36 hours, fortunately If it'd have been hot, I'd of dropped more than the clip holding it in place I assume I remove, place seal on new one, insert, lock in place, top up anti freeze, job done?
  12. Got the thing... Thanks all. assume thats engine coolant pissing out?
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