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PD100 gearbox straight swap for a lupo tdi?

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Hi all,

my lupo gearbox is dying and i'm planning to put a gt1749va decat and remap,
i read somewhere that pd100 gearbox is plug and play on a lupo 1.4 tdi...
can someone comfirm that? and if yes what flywheel and clutch do i need?

not sure if it's clear :)


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Why do you think the box is on its way out ?

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it won't shift down between 3rd ans 2th, or at low low rpm, i know it's a synchro spring, it can be rebuilt
but as i'm planning to put a 1749 turbo, if i can change for a better gearbox it's better.
i think the pd100 gearbox have longer gears and are stronger.

some people said me it's a straight swap from ibiza, polo or fabia pd100,
but i have to change the flywheel and clutch for a G60 flywheel and Golf tdi clutch...

i'm not sure of nothing so i ask here, i just want to put a bigger turbo gearbox and breaks to my tdi

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Ok i understand it's another gearbox thread... so i'm buying an ibiza pd100 gearbox
i will use a G60 flywheel, and pd 100 clutch... i try that and i will see
i maybe need the shifter too.

i already have
a gt1749va turbo modified to fit on the 1.4tdi manifold
girling G60 callipers
polo rear disc beam
joms :)

project on it's way...

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edited into

Edited by Keelan

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love how this literally went from

"will it fit"


"I've bought it and it will fit"

I forgot if the boxes are o2j or o2a

I have no idea how mounting the to the engine change between them.

Are you going to get the standard 10k the lightened 7k

I was wondering if this was possible so I'm definitely going to see how can gods.. I hope for loads of pictures, part numbers and descriptions.

How do you know the measurements of the flywheel bolt sizes and Placement. Does thejob clutch hydraulic feed need changing

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Yep,you are right... i'm going the noob way...,
and in fact i'm so bad at english that it's hard for me to explain all those things.
i'm not a mechanics, i work for me with no help so i do what i can.

it starts with my brothers polo... i take it to go shopping, and i fall in love...
1 week later a bought a tdi lupo with a 1.9 tdi conversion in mind...for fun
the fact is in france, swaps are not possible. french mot... insurances...
so i decided to boost the 1.4 and so i start reading all i can find on the subject.

after many research i find that i can put a vnt turbo etc... but also that the gearbox will die quick.
so after many readings on vw gearbox... pretty simple subject... i read nils6L post on his arosa...
and try to copy his setup, but i don't really want to open my gearbox rebuild it, and broke it because it's a weak gearbox
and i want torque :)

after discussions with a french friend who own a 175bhp Ibiza 1.4tdi, i conclude that pd100 ggu gearbox will fit
with another flywheel and clutch.... i came here to get answers on the compatibility...
as i can't have any , i go my way :)

in fact i found an ibiza GGU gearbox 30k miles approx, for 200£... so i bought it anyway
i'll order that soon also

i have a gt1749va out of a passat 130 modified to fit the amf manifold

a 320d intercooler

now a GGU gearbox so a 02R :)

and some G60 callipers


and a rear disc beam from a polo 6n tdi
and... i must find a 23,8 mm master cylinder...
i need also to remap, but i find someone who can do it and test it on the roller to...

so i need advices... Thanks :)

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I am not the man to give advice.

Do you know if the gearbox will match up to the blocks mounting holes

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same bolt pattern, same housing, i may need another shifter i dont know
gears are longer and should match with remap, i will see,

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