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  1. Presuming not from your list, but do you have the subframe still? Thanks Keelan
  2. Hello am have you got a gti/tdi subframe still? Thank you Keelan
  3. Hello, I'm looking for a GTI/TDI subframe. Is yours still available? If so, how much Thank you Keelan
  4. Mine is the same on the RHS and scrubs on full lock. It's either a subframe alignment issue or its hit something hard enough around the wisbone mounts to pull it back
  5. So did anyone know that a new subframe (1.4 TDi if it makes a difference) is £400
  6. I'm game but would need some sympathy as I'm between changes haha
  7. Has anyone noticed the noose??
  8. Hello. How much for the top mount bushes? Are they mk4? Thank you Keelan
  9. Will all the mounts in my tdi need modifying to fit this as I have heard people using various tdi mounts off polo 9n/2 and audi a2/4 will work but I don't know about the lupo tdi miunts
  10. what bits did you need to wire in specifically and how much was as near to plug and play?
  11. I'm guessing this will be for the 312mm make discs. Would you not have to get your hubs filled and drilled to the 5x112(?) To run the standard discs. I also presume they will need a bracket made up to meet the caliper. You are going bigger rears I presume? I wonder if it'd possible to mount the mk4/cupra hub onto the knuckle, depending on bearing sizes and bore of the wheels you are going to be putting -if the internal bore is different Also I guess bigger master cylinder (taken off of other car but may need fettling to fit) These are all presumptions as I have only looked into it a bit and not in a while. Keelan
  12. It just makes sense that that would be the case! Wonder if there is anyway it could be changed 100%. There isn't the abs unit or the wiring for the sensors, does have sensors now as I changed for gti brakes (originally bought for SDI)
  13. The handbrake light was flashing the abs light was on (mine has not got abs) and there wwre two more. I'll get a picture tomorrow Not sure what the extra digital screen is if it's not the clock. I just ass-u-me(d) that's what they'd put in place haha. I will try and have a look to see what pins match where. I do not have direct access to elsa win or equivalent so will have to see if I can find something online Thank you all for your help so far. I'll try and get a picture tomorrow for your perusal Keelan
  14. I've got the clocks in and the car turns on and the revs go up There is however a few warning lights on the dials that don't shift Can I clear these through vcds or equivalent scanner. How can I get the milage corrected from the 100k to my 160k milage. Would love this all to be functional as I would like the mpg meter to work Currently got the chrome covers sat over my old clocks
  15. Force on the outside of a larger diameter is greater than something smaller. Eg torque. Fulcrum etc
  16. Or option D: all of the above. I guess that's with standard wheels Craig if no do you reckon I could be cheeky and ask you to measure from the sill to the floor front and bac?
  17. I've owned 2 lupos now but both have been on lowered before purchase. I'm looking to update the tired/cheap suspension and wanted to know What is the standard original ride height for the front and back wheel arches I'm debating going for a kit instead of coilovers as adjustability isn't a necessity but could be useful in future. Thank you in advance Keelan
  18. I just use the audi and skoda Manual off of the online workshop manuals And read all relevant ssp manuals on pdf. This helps as it explains a lot of the tdi engine layout
  19. Looking for a physically good condition indicator panel paint coloud or condition not a factor. Posted to TQ14 9LT Or colection possible
  20. I saw a mk5 after posting and was like "Ah! That'll be it.." I really like it. 3L if good too. I like the smooth polo front. I think it's the blue motion front but don't quote me
  21. What is the front bumper combo made from. Love the shape subtle but different
  22. Does anyone know how to dismantle the center vent as I am wanting to separate the grey plastic and fins from the rest
  23. I'm looking for the front 22mm anti roll bar if you still have it
  24. I'm after the front anti roll bar if it's still available
  25. I'm looking for the front anti roll bar if it's still going
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