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Found 19 results

  1. Hi guys, In need of a drivers front window glass for a mk1 arosa but I imagine they all fit :-) willing to collect from a sensible distance near m6 j15/16 Thanks Matt
  2. Basically its been dodgy for a while but today ive shut my door.. Come back to the car and the winder/crank was on the floor.. How do i go about putting it back on? The screw is still inside just not got a clue on where to start?
  3. Hello just wondered if anyone could point me in a direction to get window winders for a lupo 1.0 sorry if this topic has already been covered thanks in advance for any help danny
  4. Hi Everyone My driver's window regulator broke about a year ago, but due to work commitments and not having the time to, I have only recently replaced it, once it was replaced I discovered that the motor was very weak, I put this down to it not being used of a year and it had began to seize, so I have also replaced that. With these both changed, I'm still experiencing problems where the window won't go back up and on the rare occasion I get it to, it doesn't have the strength to get to the top and just either stops or goes back down. To be clear the window opens like normal but won't close as it should. I'm not sure what could be causing the problem, I removed the window seals and checked their condition, they do seem to be aged, but when I operated the window with them removed that problem was still there. I also checked the motor and it was getting very hot from the load. I'm concerned it could be a wiring issue? or maybe I've been an idiot and fitted the components wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated Andy
  5. Hi All, just picked up my first Arosa and I love it! It came with a driver side window that wouldn't move at all, having previously been sticking halfway. My father and I tried a bunch of things I've seen suggested on various forums, including here, greased the runners, oiled the cables, greased the worm gear, etc, nothing presented a permanent solution, the window would work ok, but once it met any resistance it would just refuse to go any further. Switchgear was ok. After a while we had it so that it would move, but only up or down one step at a time, and you had to taker your finger off the button and press it again to get it to move another half an inch. Then it just stopped again and the relay would just click, as before, no movement. Having fished the glass out of the door and taken the mechanism back off, we tried something new. Turns out the problem was in the motor. The contacts were A-OK but there was a bunch of carbon dust in and around there and, importantly, the plastic/brass ring that the motor speed sensors pick up on. Pulled the shaft including the windings out of the gearbox and pulley housing, removed the motor casing, and blasted everything out with an air line. Greased the shaft ends up, put it back together and it works perfectly! I guess the dust was causing shorts or making the electronics think the window had jammed or something, thus preventing movement for safety. Anyway, just thought I'd share in case anyone has had a similar problem but not been able to fix theirs, I don't think I've seen this solution posted anywhere. Apologies if it was common knowledge. Love my new '01 Arosa S 1.0, love the forums! Thanks, Tango
  6. Is this part replaceable? I have to remove the window so i can clean all the corrosion and paint fresh, but i want to know if the seal holding the window can be ordered from VW. Maybe someone knows the code? Thanks!
  7. Ok, i've had this issue for a while, right window stopped working and I only hear the switches clicking - both mine and the other one - what i don't know is what should i change, regulator only or the motor as well? What sign is the clicking noise, means that the motor is working? Need help, please.
  8. Hi all, Can anyone give any advise as to why the switch on the driver's side for the passenger window allows me to move the window up but not down. Also, the driver side window sometimes sticks/goes back down instead of up. Is it just a case of needing a replacement motor for both? Thanks in advance.
  9. I have a 1.4i sport lupo 16v, currently both my windows arn't working. I've tried changing the fuses so I know it's not that. Whenever I try put them down or up they make a small single click noise as if there trying to move but they can't! Is there an easy way to fix this or will I need new window motors?
  10. Hi This is my first post so sorry if i seem at all noobish, ive had my little lupo sport for just over a year and so far shes been a dream, however in the last week its all gone wrong, my drivers side window is stuck down! the switch wont do anything on the drivers side but will do UP the passenger side, it wont do it down!, i have even tried buying a replacement switch and still its the same problem. also, the central locking for the drivers door has gone, and my left window wiper has gone, this all happened simultaniously, was just wondering if anyone knows if these are common faults, or how much they are to get repaired, or even the best place to take it to thanks so mch
  11. I have one big problem with my electric window on the driver side. Yes, i know that there is alot of threads out there with the same problem but i've tryed almost everything .. The window on the driverside had no problem going down, but never up. Not a singel itch of working when i pressed the button. Everytime i had to go over on the passagerside, put the key and turn and hold .. and whips the window went up. Almost 2 years had passed and i told my self, now i need to get this thing fixed. Ended up with the motor gave up and went to heaven .. Well well, a new electric motor and 275£ less money on the account i finally would get this thing working .. But with my luck, of course i would have the same problem! What now? Drove to VW dealer and orderd a new button .. 2 days later the time was in .. i replace the old button with a new one and pressed the button .. the windows went down, no problem. Pressed so it would go up, nothing. The window went down again .. tested the new button for the passager side, no problem. Up and down .. perfect. But the driverside only goes down .. dosent matter if i press up or down .. I haven't checked the electric yet .. Anyone who has a clue whats the problem?
  12. Hey guys.. So When I bought my car my drivers side window was very temperamental worked when wanted too, then suddenly stopped working altogether. Switch clicked but window never went down. Today attempted to see if I can fix the problem myself, took door card off and switch out and gave the insides of the switch a clean and re-installed it. Now I plugged it back in and once again didn't work, however I swapped the passenger wiring around with drivers side and it worked. What I'm asking is if anyone has a solution on how to fix this, Is this a wiring issue and will have to buy a new wiring loom or will it be a miss connection somewhere?? Many thanks, Tom
  13. Hi Everyone, new user on here so apologies if this is in the wrong place. OK, so this going to make me sound like a right golden-oldie but I'm after some parts for an awesome little Lupo I've just bought for my daughters 17th Birthday so she can learn to drive in style. Now before anyone conjures up images of Victor Meldrew I'll point out I was the same age as she is now when she was born so I'm no coffin-dodger/oxygen-thief/etc etc etc. Anyhoo, I'm a die hard VW fan (Heavily modded Mk5 R32) so the Lupo seemed like a great choice for my daughter who has the same tatste in cars as me. I'm sure she'll pass her test soon and be another Lush lupo on the road. I've found her a nice 1.0S Lupo on a 51 plate but it's got a few bits missing or damaged that I need to find. So, I'm after; 1. Manual Window Winders (Complete assembly) for both sides (keep fit windows!), any colour would be fine so long as they match, black or grey ideally but as long as I get a matching pair they'll fit in with the mixey-matchey colour scheme I'm modding it with. 2. The piece of plastic trim that covers the seat hinge (right hand side of drivers seat) for the drivers side (in light grey) OR a pair of these trim pieces for both driver and passenger seats (outside edges of seat) in any colour. The community on here seems really helpful so hopefully you can help me out and get another happy Lupo Lady on the road. Hope you can help northerndan
  14. HI All Best you sick of this same old problem regarding the window regulator and motor on a lupo as this seems to be a standard problem with the lupos. I have got a new regulator and motor from CT parts for the drivers side window. My problem is this is not a OE part from VW and it only has two wires from the motor. The oe plug has 8 wires in that there is a black and brown one live. Have any of you rewired this and if so do you remember what wires are joined together to make it all work off the switch? I am at the point of getting a new 4way switch and rewiring the whole lot as I can only get it to go up and not down. Change the wires a round in every combernation I can think of and now Im stumped???? NEED HELP PLEASE PLEASE any sparkys????
  15. http://www.direct.go...hicle/DG_181016 Found this and it says (i think) that tint can be applied to the front windscreen. Am i right in assuming this or is this the level of tint that comes from factory. Does anyone know the percent of light factory glass lets through? Also, regarding the percentage, what do people see as a respectable level of tint because i think it looks silly having blacked out rears when your only allowed 75% on the fronts, dont want it too noticeable that the fronts and rears are different tints if you get my drift.
  16. Hi again guys. My car is such a tin can, it didnt even come with a window mechanism. As its getting close to summer( lol) and i havent been in a drive through in months. Is there any other mechanism i can buy and put in it? I have an old polo one in it at the moment but it dosent work Thanks guys.
  17. I'm trying to order a new motor and regulator for the car, but have no idea what type I need to buy. Been down the local parts store and garage, but noone knows which type to order. I can see on that has two pins to the motor and the other says multipin.... please help me Chris
  18. Hi, was wondering if someone might be able to help there is a nice hole where my drivers side window (and presumably central locking) switch should be. I imagine it was a moment of genius by the previous owner who after, unsuccessfully, diagnosing the problem decided to lose the switch in question. Whatever the underlying problem i will need a new switch, does anyone know the best way to get one cheaper than vw direct. had a look on ebay and only found this http://www.ebay.co.u...53#ht_500wt_744 which doesn't do the window... as i've never seen one its quite difficult to gauge exactly what went there ! Its a 1.0L 2000 model Any help much appreciated, cheers team!
  19. my passenger window has stopped opening, it has worked once since i got the car i have had the door card off and looked at the wires which looked fine, and the switch works i can here it working but the window will not go down it is stuck fully shut i would like to know how this could be fixed as i really want to shout bus ****ers from my car (joke) i need this window fixing, i have a faint idea about wires but the motor may have broke or even the window could be stuck how would i sort this problem
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