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  1. just read that i have to put a price £1300 ono
  2. hey, read the rules it said don't just post a link to ebay so i put the description in, plus its available for private sale before it has bids on.
  3. Hi, tis a sad day but i'm selling my loopy for bigger dieseley things. heres the info: The body work is good for the cars age. The interior is clean and tidy. The mileage is nice and low, and the engine runs like a dream. It is a 1.0L and very economic, and also being a light weight car, it still accelerates reasonably well. The car has regular oil changes and services which is documented in the service history, which is complete and demonstrates that it has been well looked after throughout its life. The Cam Belt and Clutch have been replaced at 60k. MOT and Tax till the end
  4. Hi, was wondering if someone might be able to help there is a nice hole where my drivers side window (and presumably central locking) switch should be. I imagine it was a moment of genius by the previous owner who after, unsuccessfully, diagnosing the problem decided to lose the switch in question. Whatever the underlying problem i will need a new switch, does anyone know the best way to get one cheaper than vw direct. had a look on ebay and only found this http://www.ebay.co.u...53#ht_500wt_744 which doesn't do the window... as i've never seen one its quite difficult to gauge exactly what wen
  5. Hi All! So I just got my very own lupo and one of the first crazy modifications I plan to take on is the adding of roof bars! If I have understood correctly the roof bars loop over to the door / window sills. Does this mean you need rear vent windows as my rides rear windows do not open.
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