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  1. I replaced the switch 3x now (using the purple replacement ones) and still get the same fault come up. Even tho the brake lights are working =s time to get raped by VW =|
  2. I keep getting invited by my mates, but it's dissertation time at uni so spending my life in the library ='( hoping to make a few appearances in the summer before I disappear to Dubai, unfortunately I can't take my loop out there so going to have to get summit new XD (can't wait haha)
  3. After reading this, think I need to check my bulbs. They look like they are working when I see a reflection off car behind, but worth a check =)
  4. Mine has thrown up this fault twice now after having the switch replaced and then being reset =s My brake lights are def working atm but the EPC light has come on again =s anyone find a solution? I'm going to see the garage tomoz and ask them to reset it again
  5. I know this thread is old, but....I had the same problem and it was the brake switch in the end. Got the switch replaced and the lights are working and the EPC light went away. But it came back the next day, took it to the garage and it was the same fault code as before (to do with the brake lights). They cleared it, and now its come back again =/ HELP =)
  6. This happened in one of my old cars and I ended up running a power cable straight to the battery. Just remember to add a switch in it, otherwise you'll forget to turn it off all the time and drain the battery.
  7. I had my ballasts tucked away on the very side of the bay, just under where theres a little lip on each side. But yeah, I've taken them off because I didn't fancy failing my MOT or getting pulled for them. Was fun blinding people tho =) *cough*
  8. Slammed my old Polo 6n to the ground and never bothered getting the tracking sorted. Managed to shred a tyre in under 500 miles =/ was fun suddenly pulling to the left whilst going down the m25 =| I never felt like it was driving 'badly' or anything before, so came as a big surprise. Luckily got the tyre off before the police showed up to see why I was changing wheels on the hard shoulder =)
  9. Sorry to annoy you again...Is this the one I need? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-LUPO-98-05-LEFT-WINDOW-REGULATOR-MOTOR-MULTI-PIN-/190525327960?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item2c5c31ca58#ht_1608wt_698
  10. Cheers for the help =) Yeah i was going to order the part and just return it if don't need it =p
  11. Yeah, agree with above, I always pay a bit more to cover the fees the seller is going to get. That way if it doesnt arrive or the item is broken, paypal will cover you =)
  12. I'm trying to order a new motor and regulator for the car, but have no idea what type I need to buy. Been down the local parts store and garage, but noone knows which type to order. I can see on that has two pins to the motor and the other says multipin.... please help me Chris
  13. Have you still got the window switches? drivers and passenger? Cheers
  14. Were the window switches working? If yes, than how much for driver and passenger side?
  15. I don't plan on throwing my lupo around corners n etc, so gots them just for the lows. Can't complain about the ride when they cost a fraction of what a decent set are =)
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