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  1. Hi first post. I got my first car a few months back. Bought it cheap to learn to drive in. One problem is the exterior locks on both doors are falling out. As you can see i can bang them back in but someone could easily pull them out and walk off with them at the moment ? Anyone know a quick cheap fix that will get them more secure?
  2. Title speaks for itself.. I'd like to get to know the engine better and Id like to put a fresh clutch in on my own but Id think a garage is the better option increase I leave a spanner in my engine lol Anyone tried this?
  3. So I was getting a bit sick of smelling fumes especially from the shitty tractors that are on the road to work so I decided to home brew a cabin filter for the Loup and it seems to be working pretty well. its pretty simple to do. Here's a link to the Filter Materiel I used. Pretty much just cut to size then popped some cable ties around so the blower doesn't suck the foam out of the cradle i cut it a bit big so it would wedge itself in there.
  4. Picked up my 02 1.4 auto Lupo about a month ago and this site has been pretty inspiring with some of the others members lupos ☺️, so I thought I'd leave my mark Here it is as I bought it Then debadged straight away Then full serviced, and realised the doesn't have a pollen filter! As it's not an ac model Then picked up some new shoes hopefully all the pictures will work, and I'm posting it all in the correct places aha
  5. So a few of you will recognise this car, it's been around the block but as long as nothing bad happens with my finances then i'll be keeping this a very long time! I'll let the photos do the talking, there are some potato photos from my phone so I apologize in advance for this! There are photos that i don't own, but found about the internet and various build threads! P.S if you want any of the photos removed then please message me!
  6. Alternative title: the equally catchy "do it yourself light emitting diode chip on board daytime running lights". So, I wanted some nice daytime running lights for the front of my '99 Arosa. I did NOT, however, want to shell out upwards of £60 for a kit, plus I like to bugger about with stuff like this. I had a Google, did some reading, and [these] seemed to be just what I was looking for in a daytime running light. Low power consumption, aluminium body, insanely bright and reasonably priced. A year or so ago I used the older surface-mounted LED boards for this type of thing, my last project was running lights for my Suzuki Bandit, but these things are just in a different league in terms of material quality and brightness. I'm pleased with the result but pictures don't do these lights justice: I started by experimenting with mounting the lights in/on the stock 'honeycomb' infills... that didn't go so well. On a completely unrelated note, if anyone has any unmolested Mk2 infills kicking around the garage then I'd like to buy you a beer... Anyway. For the infills the lights are mounted on here, I used one of the finest sources of tough plastic you can find today: £2 chopping boards from Wilko's. (no, really). They're pretty flexible, have a texture that more or less matches plastic bumpers and they're pretty tough while being easy to work with with hand tools. With some flat black Plasti-Kote enamel paint on them they look pretty good, I think. When I get around to washing the rest of the car they might even match the plastic trim. I'll be replacing the fugly rusted screws asap. The LED lights came with some beastly 3M foam tape that would probably just pull the bumper off if you tried to pull them off hard enough, but I supplemented this by running a pair of zip ties around both ends of the lights. This also provides strain relief for the slightly wimpy wires that they come with. I cut them short and put on some insulated spade connectors behind the panels with some more manly wires. I would have just soldered the wires directly but I want these to be easily removable in case my MOT tester is having a bad day next time around. Wiring Parts list: 2x 6.8" COB LED lights from here1x 12v 30A 4-pin relay, available here1x inline mini blade fuse holder & 15A fuse1x 12v illuminated rocker switch, SPSTWire, lots of wire, some rated for >12wMale and female spade connectors2x ring connectors for the battery terminal boltsMetric d***ton of cable ties & shrink wrap tubingI pulled three (blue) wires for the switch through the rubber grommet in the bulkhead that the main loom runs through, and after breaking my own arms I was able to pull them into the passenger footwell, and from there, feed them through the holes for the blanking plates below the heater controls. The switch has 3 terminals: ground, +12v and Accessory. Obviously, +12v should be connected to the positive terminal of the battery, via a fuse. Accessory can be considered the 'ouput' from the switch and runs to the control circuit on the relay. I didn't see anywhere obvious to ground it under the centre console, so I ran three wires through the bulkhead and just wired it with the other negative parts of the circuit to the negative battery terminal with a large ring connector. The relay is wired thusly: the control circuit takes the (positive) input from the switch, and is also grounded. The load circuit takes +12v from the battery via the fuse and is wired to both LED lights in parallel. The LED lights are grounded directly to the negative terminal of the battery, for simplicity's sake. Once I'd gotten all the wire lengths right and the whole lot soldered and crimped together I went to town with the shrink wrap, electrical tape and zip ties, and even some bicycle inner tube for the relay. It's not pretty but it could've looked a hell of a lot worse and I'm confident that none of the wires will rub through and short: NB: anywhere you see electrical tape is just some extra insurance against the wires rubbing through, all the joints are shrink-wrapped. I'm sure these lights'll go some way to making sure dear old grandma notices me before she pulls her 3.5k mile beige Vauxhall out of that side turning on her way to buy cat food. Maybe they'll damage her retinas enough to finally get her off the road. As an added bonus, once it gets dark, I look forward to getting my own back on the d***heads in their BMWs who enjoy blinding you with their full beams. I hope you guys like the way this turned out and if anyone wants more information or a badly drawn circuit diagram, let me know. Apologies if none of this makes sense, I've been awake for a looong time.
  7. Hi, I'm planning to go to Germany this year in my 1.4 Lupo, but just for a laugh I want a loud exhaust for the trip! I've already looked at cherry bombs but I think they'd be too loud! Ideally I'm looking for something cheap, doesn't require me cutting into the standard exhaust and will just make it sound louder! any ideas? thanks from Lewis
  8. Hey everyone Brand new member so forgive me any newbie mistakes!! I've had my littlw 1.0 Lupo E from back in 2000 and I was just going to drive her and drive er, eventually into the ground, with minium upkeep (and enjoyment). But something recently made me change my mind. No idea what it was, but I've made a start by using aluminium body filler to fill up a couple of cracks that were previously covered by masking tape. They've now been sanded flush, sprayed and lacquered and the car looks ten times better already. My burning question is...LPG!!! Liquid Petroleum Gas conversions for our beloved Lupos??????????? I've only been considering this the last few days and am amazed by the info and number of specialists already out there. Had a quick check on costs and LPG Wales do it for £620. Now i'm not sure if there's a huge difference in that or going somewhere else and paying £900 - i'll have to do more research. Also waiting for a few other companies to get back to me with quotes. As expected there are many 'DIY Kits' on Ebay. There's NO chance i'd be able to do something like that but does anyone have any other thoughts? Love to hear all comments - for and against LPG with reasons why. Thanks so much for your time guys. Cheers, Mark
  9. Just wondering what 'cheap little things' people do and stick in on and around their rides to make them their own - by cheap little things i mean the likes of air fresheners, tax disc holders, stickers, little DIY mods and whatnot. Not tacky crap! In addition to what you've done, it would be nice to know some online stores/places to acquire these miniature priced delights. Ill start things off with a little list of stuff i have found on the interwebs that i desire greatly: http://www.touge.co....ssories-9-c.asp - I personally have the grenade and turbozilla air fresheners, would recommend turbozilla http://www.itsproper...or-accessories/ http://knockingshop..../air-fresheners http://southrnfresh....outhrnfreshener https://www.dubkorps...rt/store/decals http://www.magoo-design.co.uk http://fatlace.3dcar...m/Car_c_85.html http://www.ebay.co.u...#ht_4014wt_1166 - (If the link dies it is grison black leather and vinyl dye) I used this to refurb my wing mirrors and lower bumper sections since they were just black plastic, took a few coats but worked a treat, now these parts look new. Would highly recommend. "What have you done to your arosa" i hear you ask? well clublupo, im a student and can barely afford to run my car as it is which is why i made a post about cheap little things, note the words 'cheap' and 'little'. Back to the point, i've de-badged my boot, removed bump strips, got a de-badged front grill, a couple of air fresheners, some cheap car mats, cleaned the carpets (not very well hence the mats), re-blacked exterior black plastics and fitted a boot build (on the cheap). What have you done?..
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