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    Powder blue 2000 Lupo E, very much as standard. W282 WTH - Wave if you see me! Not much that can be done with that hamster engine so considering looking at an lgv lnversion!!

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  1. Hey everyone Brand new member so forgive me any newbie mistakes!! I've had my littlw 1.0 Lupo E from back in 2000 and I was just going to drive her and drive er, eventually into the ground, with minium upkeep (and enjoyment). But something recently made me change my mind. No idea what it was, but I've made a start by using aluminium body filler to fill up a couple of cracks that were previously covered by masking tape. They've now been sanded flush, sprayed and lacquered and the car looks ten times better already. My burning question is...LPG!!! Liquid Petroleum Gas conversions for our beloved Lupos??????????? I've only been considering this the last few days and am amazed by the info and number of specialists already out there. Had a quick check on costs and LPG Wales do it for £620. Now i'm not sure if there's a huge difference in that or going somewhere else and paying £900 - i'll have to do more research. Also waiting for a few other companies to get back to me with quotes. As expected there are many 'DIY Kits' on Ebay. There's NO chance i'd be able to do something like that but does anyone have any other thoughts? Love to hear all comments - for and against LPG with reasons why. Thanks so much for your time guys. Cheers, Mark
  2. Had the car for years, first time i've registered on a lupo forum. I drove her, then my brother drove her, then my sister, and I bashed up my car at the time so all these things come around! I believe we now have some sort of spiritual attachment that no man can put asunder. Hope you guys don't mind if I ask a few questions over the next few weeks - great that we're all in the same mind set here. And do royally wave if you should see me driving :-)
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