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  1. Very small thing I know but does anyone know where to get one of the black rubber adjuster knobs for the wing mirrors? I have it on one side but not the other, can't find any on ebay. It's literally just the cover that goes over the wire
  2. Thanks Rich and everyone who helped. finally got it in and fixed. It's secure although the lock barrel pops out slightly when I pull the handle but it's not going anywhere. Maybe because the flimsy plastic paint protecter/frame thingy fell off when I was doing it and I never put it back. Anyway job done When doing it I noticed a disconnected cable in the door. Probably a dumb question but does anyone know what's it's off? The side speaker is already connected (see attached) Now the only major issue I have is that the oil sensor light randomly comes on when I'm driving even though the oil level is fine. When I do the ignition/button trick the light temporarily comes off for a while but comes back. Guessing the oil sensor needs replacing
  3. Thanks guys. I removed the whole thing. I'm assuming the attached images is how it should be. Problem is would it be possible to fit the completed lock and handle back through the door without deassembling it? or do I have to blindly do it (fiddle my hands through the door until the gold cap moves perfectly into place) Strange that none of the diagrams I found online seem to have the gold semi circle thingy
  4. It has manual windows. I took the external handle off after unclipping the black connector and then took the lock barrel out. Do I need to take the whole lock mechanism out (like the replacement lock i posted before) or is it just the barrel part? When I clip the semi circular thing to the lock barel when it's not in the door it fits perfect and secure. When I try and do the same when fitting it to the door it just comes loose again. Not much room to work with inside the door. Very annoying
  5. I removed the door card and found that (attached) assuming it's the semi-circle. Proving difficult to fit, assuming the window needs to be up to give me space and does the screw need to be loosened?
  6. Thanks but even when I tighten that screw the lock is still loose and can be pulled straight out so guessing it's more complicated The guy i bought it from mentioned the lock and gave me the replacement he hadn't yet fitted. It looks complicated to fit. Any ideas if a decent mechanic could fit it cheaply or is it doable for a novice like me? ?
  7. Hi first post. I got my first car a few months back. Bought it cheap to learn to drive in. One problem is the exterior locks on both doors are falling out. As you can see i can bang them back in but someone could easily pull them out and walk off with them at the moment ? Anyone know a quick cheap fix that will get them more secure?
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