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Found 19 results

  1. So after owning my Lupo for just under a month, and after reading quite a few build threads, i have decided to do my own. She is a 02 reg, soft blue, 1.4 16v Lupo. My first car. So since owning her, shes been cleaned inside and out around 4 times and i havent had her a month yet! i mean... who likes to own a dirty car anyway? Any way, apart from all the cleaning i've done, i managed to take our the drivers side air vent, the seat handles and the binnacle and paint them gloss black. The binnacle didnt turn out as good as i expected because the lacquer started to run down and dried like it, but at least its gloss black now? primer... painted and fitted again... when i got the car, it only came with a passenger side seat handle, so i set to and ordered 2 brand new ones. found them on amazon if anyone else needs some? i also decided to remove and paint the covers that they slot into on the actual seat... and finally... i didnt want just gloss black air vents i decided to add a bit of a sparkle to it and added blue glitter! and fitted... heres one after i finished cleaning! i also got this through the post the other day, just need to remove my door cards then i can re trim them! sorry for such a long post, i'll be quiet for a bit now! what do you guys think?
  2. Bought my first Lupo GTI a couple of months in raven blue, which is personally my favourite colour.
  3. Looking for an indicator panel in soft blue. Willing to pay extra for postage, also willing to collect if not too far. Thanks
  4. So a few of you will recognise this car, it's been around the block but as long as nothing bad happens with my finances then i'll be keeping this a very long time! I'll let the photos do the talking, there are some potato photos from my phone so I apologize in advance for this! There are photos that i don't own, but found about the internet and various build threads! P.S if you want any of the photos removed then please message me!
  5. VW Lupo coolant cap for sale. Brand new sealed. £5 posted
  6. Anyone seen any hide or hair of my old Lupo? Think it was sold... (i stupidly traded it in) Was up for Sale in Falkirk so its probably in the Area somewhere? Wanting to know if it went to a good home or not? Jazz Blue 1.4L 02 Plate... totally standard part fi the stickers i put over the spare buttons... Anyone seen it? Or are you the new owner? I wanna know... Not wanting him back but i miss him....
  7. As title says. Looked like a dude driving
  8. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone had put yellow laminex over the front headlights on a pastel blue Lupo, I'm not sure if it will match? Pictures anyone? Cheers
  9. Hey everyone new member from Wakefield I bought my first Lupo and its a 1.4 s in Jazz Blue! I was just wondering what to do with it, as in mods. I want to lower it and get some Weller Wheels for it! however im no good with the mechanical side of things and have no clue where to start! Do i lower the car first or put the new wheels on? I've been looking at some 7x13 Weller Wheels, would i need the arches rolling? LUPO.jpg here she is if the picture works, ive not come to grips on how to use this yet Help would be appreciated! Frudd!
  10. Past it on the Broughty Ferry Road, nice looking blue GTI with gold wheels. I was in the black Lupo Sport going in the opposite direction.
  11. this is my thread of my car! i've had my car since i was 15 and im now 18! so ive found some photos from ages ago to show how i got it and stuff! hope you enjoy ill keep you updated on new mods and general stuff! This is how i brought it for £150! the headgasket has gone and needs new brakes and lots more! i've already sprayed my badges and added a few stickers i got it off a old american guy! First mod was to take the rear wiper off! [url=http://s1271.photobucket.com/user/tommysmee123/media/P1020233.jpg.html Coilovers came! Lupos off to get fixed! and mot'ed had to higher it to fit on low loader! lupos back and on the road finally! so glad to be driving this now and not my mums renault megane that i wrote off a couple of weeks before i took this photo! and its clean! and ive took the number plate off whilst i get a new one! sold my old wheels and swapped for some steels! plans are to get them banded! plans went down for banded steels but got myself some bbs rz! 14" had to have tracking sorted and new wheel bearing! had to pull it in garage for new radiator fan and some more tweeking before Ultimate Dubs! nearly brought these! tried them on and everything but i wasnt sure!! yellow tinted my indicators! it was a bitch to do! fly eyed my side repeaters! Camber shims and bolts have arrived and new bolts too!!! i love my postman! NEW WHEELS!!!!!! 13" 7j Mambas! taking the piss to get them to fit! so I'm making my car fit the wheels! i love these so much! college carpark lupo and arosa love!
  12. Got bored of driving an everyday Corsa so decided to get a Dub. Picked up a reasonably clean 1.0 LUPO E 2000 W reg for a decent price. Done some work on it but only had it for a month, nearly ready for the road now. First task was rip the horrible bump strips off and de badge. (My Lupo on right) Next I ordered up a set of coilovers and fitted new discs & pads, Lowered it right down but was too low for a Daily Driver so raised the front a touch. Next to arrive was wheels, 15" x 7" Lenso Bsx Running 165/45/15, A bit of stretch but not too much.... just what I wanted. Apart from other small touches that's about all that I have got around to doing, pretty pleased with the results. Got a few bits of paintwork to fix up, exhaust and possibly a roof rack and i should be sorted. (Some glue left on from bump strip in this photo but it is gone now haha)
  13. Its been almost a year since I bought our 1.4s Blue Lupo. I feel its about time it had its own thread in regards to the work we've done. Last year, sitting in a pub in Conwy I thought it would be nice to suprise my wife with her first car. She had past her test 5 years previous, but due to pregnancy and birth of our first (and then second) child, she never got round to driving. I sat in the Liverpool arms in Conwy with my brother in law looking at a little picture of a Blue 1.4s Lupo for sale. Maybe it was the beer, as it was a random purchase. I had the cost and how much I was prepared to invest in some 'fixes'. The advert said the car was in good condition, was tidy, had covered 68,646 miles and had 12 months MOT. At £900 it felt worth a punt. So I bought it. Here are some pictures of the car from the advert: It looked fairly tidy and standard. The day came to collect. When I got there the car looked ok, though I noticed the drivers and passenger side door drop, with the drivers side being quite severe. Fair game I thought for the age. Body work was great, small indent on left rear panel, but other wise, great. I handed over the cash and took the keys and documents and made my way. Thats when the issues started. First off the steering wheel was off centre, and there was a lot of play in the steering wheel. Then there was the gearbox noise. This was horrendous in gears 3 and 4 - later I read up and found this is a common issue with Lupo gearboxes and bearings. Then the engine warning light came on - due to low oil levels. A couple of stops on the motorway and fill up of oil helped this. The drinks holder was snapped and there was no stereo. I started to feel gutted, this was nothing like advertised. I contemplated taking the previous owner through ebay and raising an issue through them to get my money back. Part of me felt like I could get it all fixed and it would be a good little car. The previous owner (lets call her Katie) was a ****, she did not want to know, she tried to make out there was nothing wrong with the gearbox, that the steering was fine etc. I couldn't be bothered, plus it was my own fault for being a plonker and buying a car in this way (on the spur). I decided to get the car sorted and give it a good home. So I had the following carried out soon after purchase: * New door straps and hinges * Dodgy temp sender replaced * Gearbox rebuilt by Top Gear Transmissions in Liverpool - absolutely brilliant! * New clutch - fitted by Top Gear Transmissions at time of gearbox work * Bought a new steering column from ebay (as the existing was was totally knackered) * New Cambelt kit * New Catalytic converter * Full service The car was starting to come together. The gearbox is now sweet and I caught it in time, so its the original box with new bearings and it feels good to drive. I also removed the tint window film and also replaced the 'blacked out' rear lights for standard ones. Bought off a nice chap on this forum. When the steering column was fitted, there was no airbag giro, so the airbag light was on - this was taped up for the short term. Here are some pics: This was how the car was until this month. I have now carried out the following: * New airbag giro * VCDS cable purchased * New drinks holder * Sony stereo fitted * New parcel shelf (previous owner had made their own). * Interim service * Passed MOT During the year, I bought some 15" CMS Alloys 7J ET38 off my brother inlaw who has Yellow Lupo Sport (Curly Custard) and they sat in my garage for months. Not sure whether to keep them or sell them - I'd had enough of paying out and didn't want to put the new wheels on the car at the height it was. So in January I bought some Koni 40mm lowering springs and some new bump stops and tops mounts from Dale. And today I had them fitted, with huge thanks to JoeA - he really is a top lad, helped me out a few times, and his mate Brian. Here is a pic of my car loaded up ready to go and get 'sorted': Here is Joe and Brian working hard: Here are some pictures of my lovely Lupo now - the wheels have 195 / 50 and I think they fit the arch nicely at this height: So there you have it. This is a smashing little car now, a lot of money spent - but I've given it a good home and brought it back up to standard. A big thanks to JoeA who's been brilliant with the VCDS and helping get that sorted and also today - this car looks great thanks to you. The next thing is to replace the thermostat as its stuck open, which I will do tomorrow. Other than that, I'm going to enjoy it, and my wifes driving it now too. cheers for reading/ looking. Matt
  14. Constantly seeing a blue Lupo outside the ASDA in Grangemouth, thinking the person possibly works there? I'd like to know who the driver is!
  15. Hi guys, just bought my first car! obviously had to be a lupo! spraying it from lilac/blue to all black. then want to get loads of mods on it not really engine mods cause of insurance is a shocker hopefully get pictures on soon!!
  16. Hi guys, I've owned this car for a year now so I'm finally getting over the shock of teenager insurance prices and finally have some money in the bank. So here is the car when I bought it; Totally stock, like completely. Had a little bump in the past so the front right hub cap has a crack in it and the wishbone has been replaced. It came with no head-unit so that was the first job. I got a Sony one with bluetooth so my songs can stream from my iPod with no wires. It seems to impress everyone that gets in the car So this is pretty much where I am today, new head unit and not a lot else as I haven't had the funds. I have a sticker on the front and in the back and that's about it. I've just bought some gloss white P Slots so I'll whack a picture of those up when they're fitted. I gave the car a good polish the other day and it looks lush. I love to see the beads of rain on the car! So until the P Slots are on the car this is as far as this thread will go Jobs for the future; Paint mirrors gloss white Paint badges gloss white Paint interior gloss white? (what are your opinions on this? On the T bar/blower things) Coilies/lowering springs (advice on lowering springs please) Maybe a white petrol flap Thanks for looking. Please comment and give me some ideas EDIT 01/03/12 I got my alloys and gave them a good clean and the car a quick wash, here is the result; Looks much better in my opinion. So it turns out I can't lower it because I'm still under my parents thumbs. Next up is painting the badges and wing mirrors white
  17. MY FIRST CAR...not even drove it yet. 1.4 16v, blue, t reg, alloys, electric windows, 6x9's, power steering, small run around, group 4 insurance, cheap tax, cheap to run, new exhaust system, few scratches, bit of dash wont go back into place, in my possesion for 3 month but need quick sale as had baby and need bigger car. gutted to be letting go but priorities. no pic yet but will tmoz. £800 o.n.o
  18. Here are some pictures of my vw lupo 1.4 s it has coilovers but head gaskets gone but not bad for £150 without coilovers, when i first got it was **** not going to lie, so I cleaned it up amd put for coilys on it i put new brake lines and all new brakes on it, needs headgasket sorting now any ideas how much it's gunna cost me cheers TOM!!!! xx MY CAR: http://s1271.photobucket.com/albums/jj622/tommysmee123/?action=view&current=406358_2414427476480_1125100687_31959995_2037999764_n.jpg
  19. Hi all, I'm new to this forum, I've been browsing and today I got my first Lupo 1.0 which is also my first car. I'm 16, I live in Welling, Kent. I have a light/baby blue Lupo, Nothing done to it yet but my plans are to drop it as low as possible. I'm going to smooth the front & back bumper, I have bought a de-badged grill already, I'm not sure if I should take the indicators out of the front of leave them on yet. I'm also going to smooth out the boot. I'm going to buy a Ripspeed DV-720 head unit, I have a 900 watt edge sub already just need to buy a custom box if anyone can help me out would be great. My brother is selling me an amp, I'm going to buy an air filter also a new exhaust not sure which one yet. Front & back strut braces, and some nice alloys. Ill be uploading my pics of the car tomorrow, I'm also going to log down everything I buy and do to the car upload pictures of before and after also! If anyone can help me selling me some parts would be thankful. Thanks Sammy
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